Nurture the Leads Smartly with Drip Marketing

by May 16, 2019Marketing CRM

We can improve leads smartly with multichannel Drip Marketing in prime locations

Essential aspects of marketing

In the present day, highly competitive market conditions, reaching out to the prospect with the right information at the right time is crucial. A survey conducted by IBM declared that sending regular and personalized emails to customer base increases the repeat sales by a whopping 48%. Hence, it is important to stay in touch and rightly engage the existing customer besides reaching out to new prospects on time. Drip marketing tool essentially fulfills the two most important aspects of marketing: staying in touch and engaging the customer rightly, that too automatically. Hence, it is most sought after marketing means for small and medium-sized organizations to big players.

Drip marketing: The Ultimate Solution to Lead Nurturing

Drip Marketing, also known as drip campaign, is an automated campaign flow to the targeted audience on a specific timeline or based on a user’s response. Drip marketing began as automated email campaign flow, but now it also includes other channels like SMS, Voice and push notifications as well. In simple parlance, drip marketing tool is nothing but sending across the marketing message over Email, SMS, Voice and push notifications, etc. to the prospects as well customers at the right time to nurture and to complete the sale. Drip is also used for automating the routine email flow aiming at achieving the retentions and to keep the customers abreast of latest offers, products, and services to enhance the upselling and cross-selling techniques and tools opportunities.

Drip Marketing covers many other marketing processes related to customer engagement besides lead nurturing. From welcoming a new subscriber or customer to unsubscribing, entire communication flow can be automated with the technology-driven marketing means to save resources, energies and more importantly valuable time. Also, it provides for best customer engagement over multichannel. It is proven that a personalized message has far better chances of being opened and most likely to strike a chord with readers. Drip marketing facilitates to personalize all the mails in multiple ways. You can add the receiver’s name, right salutations and appropriate greetings to your emails to add a personal touch for the marketing campaign. It’s important to build valued relations which add value to your business. Reaching out to the customers on the special days to wish and to provide tailored offers and customized services will enable to create lasting relations. Drip allows to automate the entire gamut of the marketing operation.

For organizations which directly sell products, following up with customers about abandoned shopping carts and failed payment gateway is important to pull them back into the sales funnel. Entire follow up process, including the post sales feedback, can be automated over multichannel communications with the drip marketing. Once you determine the campaign flow based on different use case scenarios, every lead can be nurtured and converted without much human intervention. Converting a lead without human intervention could be a blessing for any organization to increase sales. With campaign automation, the process of nurturing leads goes on continuously. You can also manually add new lead details to the campaign flow to maintain a single customer list. Other routine communication about renewal alerts and confirmations can be sent over mails and SMS with automation software as well.

Drip marketing with its huge potential to engage the customer in a variety of ways as well as guaranteed campaign delivery message aids small and medium-sized businesses to corporates to streamline the lead nurturing process and to record unprecedented growth in sales. Time, you aim high and upgrade your lead management methods to realize your business true potential.

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