Communication Automation

Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting an Agent CTI

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integrations. It is an intuitive technology that ensures the integration of telephone system with the computer for an interaction. CTI is the most important when it comes to handling of inbound and outbound calls in the cloud telephony and call center management.

How does a CTI work?

  • Incoming calls can be intelligently routed to the right agents with ACD and IVR integrations.
  • Real-time call monitoring tools and call recordings help to monitor the call quality and agent performance.
  • Automated screen pop-ups for up-to-date customer information for quick resolutions.
  • Click to dial or auto-dial feature for hassle-free dialing process.
  • Embedded agent CTI with CRM and Ticketing system to help manage call system on a single interface.
  • Detailed analytics to measure key performance indicators like first call resolution rates, call abandon rates, dropped call percentage and average call handling time etc.

There is no doubt that the agent CTI plays a powerful role in the contact center management. It is equally important to select correct CTI to take the optimal benefits. However, it is not difficult if you know what are your company requirements.

When you choose an agent CTI, look for the answers to following questions before you make a decision.

Does it provide for Integrations?

CTI that you choose should be flexible enough to get integrated into any third party CRM or software. It should have API integrations, wherein the agent CTI can be integrated on a cloud application (cloud based CRM) or can also be a part of on premise solution. This is important because as soon as an incoming call gets initiated to your company, agent CTI integrated with an IVR and CRM, will identify the number, authenticate it whether being an existing customer or a new one, thus creating a professional image. In case of an existing customer, it fetches the caller details from the CRM or any software and popups the information for the agent-customer conversation. Choosing such a flexible CTI makes it easy to quickly roll-out into your business.

Will it empower agent with right information and tools on time?

Apart from receiving and dialing calls, agents require advanced phone controls on the call. To improve sales and customer support service, agents need to perform many other activities like sending an SMS, drafting an email, invite a third person on to a conference call, transfer call across agents or departments, update call status, write remarks, and schedule a follow up call within a unified panel.  All these make it easy for agents to perform their duties better by preventing them to move back and forth between the platforms while handling calls. Hence, your CTI shall have all these features.

Does it improve customer service?

Each company aim to provide superior customer service and get the customer requirements right to serve them in the best possible way. CTI helps the agent with click-to-call and auto-dial options to increasing the call speed and connectivity of an outbound calls. Each inbound call is routed as specified by the caller to the best fit agent effortlessly from the moment the customer starts the journey.  Also, helps users with a data-driven approach and automatic screen pop-ups feeding the right information of the caller to improve call quality and resolutions.

Does CTI function improves agent performance?

CTI is meant to handle huge number of calls, increase call ratio and decrease call abandon rates. Hence it is important to choose the right agent CTI. Because it is the agent CTI and the on-call features are what enhance the agent performance. Agent CTI acts as a transparent glass with innovative features displaying the right data as needed, enabling them to use click on call buttons for engaging the customers.

Moreover, call logs, call recordings and other activities are captured automatically enriching organization with analytical metrics to gauge agent performance.

In today’s competitive market place, agent CTI is such a beneficial feature which gives your company the ability to stand out in its own way utilizing your internal resources in the best possible way.