What is Agent CTI and How does it work?

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What is Agent CTI and How it Works in Marketing Automation

CTI – Computer Telephony Integration’s is an innovative technology type that permits computers to interact with the telephone system. Agent CTI allows agents to perform every call related tasks in connection with a computer or directly from the dashboard. Generally, this technology is used by Call/Contact Centers. With this uphold, handle large voluminous calls proficiently managing calls and streamline communication possibilities for better sales through a single user interface. Beyond attending and making calls, agents can respond to the customer queries with data driven approach with regards to the transparency of customer’s call history. CTI is an intellectual way of operating a Call center software as it foresees an extendable growth of the organization.

We emphasize on the list of functionalities primarily used by Call centers that utilizes Agent CTI:

Agent Module

Office24by7 is a marketing automation The Agent Module is a unified Interface that gives the required details to the agents they need and manages every call interaction. Customer Data, phone controls like Click to Call services, Conference Call, call transferring, Applications, and Auto-responses like SMS, Email, Web-chat; etc. are accessible instantly with just a click. Integrations with CRM software enable agents to pool out customer information and record every call interaction with regards to the used channels. This module furnishes all relevant updates, in terms of leads and benchmarks set by the admin/manager.

How does it Benefit?

  • Agent can resolve issues swiftly by surfing details and handling calls through a Single integrated platform rather moving to and from with customer details.
  • It enables agents to make more calls; improving agent’s call time and first call resolutions.
  • Automated Dialers and Click to Call software option eases agents dialing process
  • Caller information updates for future reference
  • Auto-responses to acknowledge and to convey prompt information instantly
  • It helps to track all agent activities and performance in real time.
  • Ultimately, leads to increased revenue.

Automatic Screen Pop-ups

As soon as the call comes in, the agent CTI or module pops out relevant information about the caller like the name, phone number, email address, location, previous call history in regards to payments, queries and etc. to progress the call efficiently.

How does it Benefit?

Agent CTI is a unified Interface that emits all the required information instantly at agent’s fingertips. This helps in nurturing agent, customer interaction ensuring a great customer experience.  System, applications and Customer database are readily accessible, guiding agents in providing proficient customer interaction.

Agent Script

The management is given flexibility of crafting agent script as per requirements in reaching targets, for asking relevant questions and to provide swift resolutions. It can be made accessible through Agent CTI.

How does it Benefit?

Agent scripts are beneficial for announcing target scores, special instructions, day to day productivity and etc. It enables agents to trouble shoot issues promptly and helps to get most out of the potential opportunity. Office24by7 eases customization of agent script as and when required.

CRM Integrations

Every business needs to retain potential information. This can be easily done through CRM integrations. With this, any data can be accessed immediately.

How does it Benefit?

CRM in connection with CTI allows agents to access any information with regards to customers instantly. CRM integrations help to keep a track of all required data and the changes made by the agents for future use.

Customer Database

Organizations should keep a track of all information with regards to customer database for future conversation as it proves the efficiency of organization in building a trust bonded relationship. In this scenario, companies can use CTI to track the caller information when they call in for information.

How does it Benefit?

By screening the customer information before hand, agent can dial calls significantly and interact as per the needs. When a caller calls in, agent can answer calls effectively by not wasting time in entering the information repetitively and also, can track requisitions efficiently.

Call Management

Automatic Call Distribution and (Interactive Voice Response) IVR software in connection with CTI enables to route calls based on agent’s skill, time of the day scheduling and priority routing. These integrations help organizations to segregate customer needs by routing it to the specific agent or department as desired without losing a prospect.

How does it Benefit?

Generally, when and where to route call is the biggest challenge for a Call center software with huge voluminous calls. Knowing how to route promptly to the desired destinations is of great help as customer needs can be met rapidly with utmost resolutions without human intervention and much resources.

Call Recording

Each and every call is recorded for quality analysis. This gives a brief description of how agents are performing and to help the agent with training sessions for a healthy customer interaction.

How does it Benefit?

Such activities are highly crucial for the managers in monitoring of what an agent conveys to the customer. The record of all calls can rule out legal issues. Also, improves agent performance.

All the above features explained are only few in numbers. For more functionality, kindly go through Office24by7 website. In today’s digital world, Companies need to be extra-vigilant in maintaining standards and proficiency. To get through the competition, one has to get separated to stand out and at the same time should make use of internal resources and manpower wisely. For such, the simple solution is CTI. It not only makes agents job easier, also enables results driven customer experience.

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