Role of Call Center Software for Educational Institutions

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Role of call center software in Education | Office24by7

To get positioned in this competitive world, an Educational system must focus on excellence to mold students into responsible citizens. To do this, the institution staff should focus on the academic interpretative issues and simultaneously handle large voluminous calls in terms of inquiries or routine communication to miss not prospective student enrollment and to provide productive interactions and high-ranking service to stakeholders. This is where call center software for education sector comes into play. 

Nowadays, Cloud-Based Call Management Solutions have framed a clocked space in every industry, and the educational sector is no exception. Office24by7 has designed a comprehensive platform on Cloud and In-host solutions to streamline communications using cloud telephony in education industry.

All the interaction points are concealed and bridged with customizable Inbound, Outbound, and Blended Call Management Solutions incorporating varied services and features. The automated communication channels resolve incoming inquiries quickly, minimizing call handling time and customer hold time. Also, it increases outbound call reachability to deliver desired resolutions addressing bulk population in a fraction.

Read Below to get into the details about how efficient is Office24by7 Call Center software for educational Sector:


Simplify Administrative Process

The critical aspects like fortifying phones, pooling out the prospective leads from the website that are raised for an inquiry or enrollment, and responding to queries manually consume an Institution’s resources, time, and space. For this, Office24by7 provides a customized Virtual Solution – SMART IVR that can be activated instantly to aid in managing calls, routing to desired extensions and destinations and scheduling aspects to address Admission procedures, Attendance, Student Performance reports, Daily schedules, Events, Holidays, Exam schedules, Rescheduling factors, transport details at the convenience of concerns. The parents/students can route themselves to desired destinations for specific resolutions through DTMF inputs.


Reduces Operational Costs

The educational sector call volumes are exceptionally high during admissions and enrollment. The parents and students enquire about a process, procedure, and fee-related inquiries. In such cases, Office24by7 call center software for education handles calls in a better way, routing and distributing them to the next available person, reducing call handling time, keeping the caller engaged with personalized automated messages, increasing brand awareness, and offering a callback, reducing the wait time, streamlining the call flow.


Single Interface to Improve Staff Productivity

All the features are well equipped with a single user-friendly platform, waiving your pain in approaching and managing different vendors. We provide complete customizable features: Missed Call Service, Conference Call, Transfer, Dialer, Click to Call, OBD IVR, Web Chat, Live Chat, Ticketing, Bulk SMS, Short URL, Email, and blended call center features. Framed API integrations of third-party tools for an efficient Call Management System. Distributing call load to all available staff and organizing using outbound call center software to the prospectus. Real-time call status and analytics give insights on staff performance and educational institutions can whetstone the analytic process in evaluating productivity to comprehend ROI.


Attract students with Exceptional Professionalism

With every automated Call Management Solution of Office24by7 for call center software for education, you can be assured of professionalism and refined interactions, which attracts tech-savvy students. The solutions are customizable to any extent. Be it a welcome message, procedure descriptions, or conveying a message, it can be personalized with a prerecorded voice message or live recording simply by receiving a call on the mobile.


Caller Satisfaction with Pre-eminent Technology

Office24by7’s innovative solutions allow you to access the most advanced technical features in establishing a streamlined communication probability. SMS and Voice alerts can be positioned as per requirements to improve response. Callers can route themselves to the right destinations through a self-service module and get the required information without wasting time.

These are only a few, and there are many more roles to prove Call Center Software is a game plan for educational institutions to show off professionalism in the first place.

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