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Sales CRM integration with Twilio | Office24by7

Customer expectations are ever-evolving. In today’s dynamic world of sales, they demand real-time interactions and personalized messages across various communication channels. Businesses continually seek innovative ways to meet these growing demands, boost productivity, and build stronger client relationships. Integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with third-party communication platforms has emerged as a game-changing strategy in this pursuit. Sales CRM integration with Twilio is among the frontrunners in this transformative landscape.

Integrating sales CRM with a powerful tool like Twilio can enhance the efficiency of your cloud telephony solution and propel sales teams to achieve new standards of efficiency and effectiveness. In this article, we delve into various aspects of sales CRM integration with Twilio, including how to integrate, its benefits, features, and some of the popular CRM platforms that leverage Twilio’s capabilities to optimize communication and enhance the sales process.

A Brief Glimpse into Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses to communicate with customers. Enterprises can build and customize their contact centers from the ground level with Twilio’s extensive suite of digital communication channels. With its robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Twilio also facilitates developers in building custom communication solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing systems. 

Twilio offers a broad spectrum of communication tools, including SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), voice calls, video calls, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, and more. It enables businesses to handle inquiries and support requests from multiple communication channels, including voice, chat, SMS, email, and social media.

Twilio services | Office24by7

Twilio’s power lies in its simplicity and versatility. Developers can access Twilio’s capabilities through clean and well-documented APIs, enabling them to incorporate real-time communication features without technical complexities. Twilio provides a unified platform to manage multiple interactions effectively. These include sending transactional notifications, enabling two-factor authentication, customer support chats, and automated follow-up calls.

Incorporating Twilio’s communication functionalities into Sales CRM systems can revolutionize customer engagement. The ability to send personalized SMS reminders for appointments adds an extra layer of dynamism to customer interactions. Conducting automated post-purchase surveys through voice calls or initiating interactive SMS marketing campaigns also enhances engagement. Twilio’s programmable communication tools can create tailored experiences that resonate with customers, bolstering brand loyalty and driving conversions.

Key Features of Twilio Integration

Features of sales CRM integration with Twilio | Office24by7

Through sales CRM integration with Twilio, developers can leverage powerful communication capabilities without building complex infrastructure from scratch. Twilio’s suite of communication APIs includes:

Programmable Voice API

This enables agents to receive and make VoIP calls around the world. Twilio’s Super Network takes advantage of a vast network of phone carriers and organizations, selecting the most optimal path for transmitting audio data for local or international calls. 

Twilio’s Programmable Voice can initiate, receive, and modify calls across various devices. This enables them to integrate Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling seamlessly into the preferred application, website, or service. 

We will discuss more about this later in the article. Click here to jump to programmable voice API functions.

Conversations API

It enables the delivery of personalized 1:1 or group chat messages through SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or your custom embedded web chat widget. These tailored messages enhance customer engagement and improve customer experiences.

Programmable Messaging

This feature enables automated sending and receiving of transactional messages via SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp to ensure timely and efficient customer communication. These messages cater to various use cases, such as alerts, notifications, password updates, user authentication, and delivery updates.

SendGrid Email API

Automate and engage in two-way email communication, leveraging Twilio’s routing network. This ensures your emails are delivered effectively, reducing the likelihood of them ending up in the spam folder.

DID Phone Number

Twilio offers every user a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number, which includes options like local, toll-free, vanity numbers, and shortcodes. It also provides the flexibility to port in existing numbers of agents, enabling seamless sales CRM integration with Twilio and continuity. 

Twilio offers global phone numbers that are generally available (GA) or in Beta for Voice and SMS. Phone numbers from some countries have dual functionality (both Voice and SMS), whereas, for some countries, phone numbers are only either Voice-enabled or SMS-enabled. 

Twilio DID Numbers | Office24by7

Programmable Video

DID phone numbers facilitate integrated HD video meetings with whiteboards, chat polls, noise cancellation, and more. It is accessible across browsers and devices, including JS, iOS, and Android. 


Twilio’s Studio flow builder tool allows the creation of interactive self-service chatbots accessible through SMS or web chat, seamlessly embedded into your website and mobile app. Customers can initiate conversations by clicking on the chat widget or sending an SMS, receiving automated responses that handle essential functions such as routing, password changes, delivery updates, and more.

Combining these key features provided by Twilio equips businesses with an enhanced toolkit to create optimized communication strategies, engage customers on their preferred channels, and drive meaningful interactions, which may lead to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Functions of Programmable Voice API

Voice calling is further categorized into the following segments:

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Customers can reach out to the agents for help or assistance through inbound calls. At the same time, agents can also place outbound calls to customers for sales or outreach purposes.

Call Forwarding

This functionality allows an agent to redirect a customer’s call to another agent or a supervisor. Call forwarding aims to link the customer with the appropriate individual capable of promptly addressing their inquiry.

Call Conferencing

Agents can swiftly involve another colleague in an ongoing customer call with the call conferencing feature to effectively handle their inquiries with improved precision. This collaborative approach enhances the quality of customer support and showcases a unified and knowledgeable front to the customer.

Call Whispering

With the call whispering feature, the sales manager or supervisor can participate in an agent’s conversation with a prospect or customer. Their presence will be concealed, essentially observing the discussion without active participation. Typically, this happens during training and conducting performance evaluations.

Call Recording

Maintaining a record of all customer and sales agent interactions is crucial for monitoring service quality. Twilio offers the capability to securely store recordings of both incoming and outgoing calls in its cloud environment. These call records contain all the related information and can be accessed at any point.

Call Monitoring

The sales manager can connect an ongoing call involving a customer and a sales agent to monitor the agent’s activity. Furthermore, this functionality aids sales managers and supervisors in evaluating the suitability of assigning tasks to specific agents.

Call Mute/Hold

Agents can pause both inbound and outbound calls. During this interval, they can review essential information to address the customer’s inquiry. The agent can seamlessly resume the conversation once they are ready. Twilio’s mute functionality permits the agents to put the call on mute. This action doesn’t disrupt the caller while speaking or prevent the agent from listening to them. Agents can use this feature to pause a conversation for a brief interval.

Call Blocking

When overseeing call-centric support operations, the challenge of handling numerous unsolicited spam calls can undermine productivity and disrupt operational efficiency. Twilio offers a solution by enabling the screening and blocking of spam calls within the CRM. This ensures that your focus remains on essential calls, enhancing your workflow.

Call Queueing

This functionality empowers your sales team to establish a call queueing mechanism for your clientele. This systematically arranges incoming calls in sequential order. With Twilio, you can receive a call, place it in the queue, and subsequently link it to the available agent following the order of calls.

Call Transcription

Call transcription involves converting the spoken dialogue from voice or video calls into written text. This text is stored in the CRM database as a plain text file. The flexibility to transcribe calls is available during the call or post-call, adapting to your specific needs.

Interactive Voice Response

When a customer calls the agent, an automated message or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) starts playing for the customer. On the other end, the IVR system collects essential information for the agent, such as the call’s source or purpose. This information helps agents to understand the customer’s needs and prepare for the call before attending it.

Benefits of CRM Integration with Twilio 

Twilio provides a comprehensive range of communication functionalities through a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure. Let’s look at the advantages of integrating sales CRM with Twilio, which can redefine the way your business interacts with clients:

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

With sales CRM integration with Twilio, businesses can manage customer interactions across various channels, ensuring that customers can engage with them through their preferred means of communication. This omnichannel approach strengthens customer relationships and drives higher customer satisfaction.

Personalized Customer Experience

Twilio empowers businesses to deliver highly personalized customer experiences across multiple channels. With a holistic view of customer interactions and preferences from the CRM, agents can tailor their responses and engage customers in a manner that feels individualized and relevant. With Twilio’s notifications and automated SMS campaigns, businesses can easily reach customers and ensure no leads slip through the cracks. This proactive approach facilitates lead management, fosters stronger relationships, and builds customer loyalty.

Enhanced Agent Productivity

The automation capabilities of Twilio optimize agent workflows, reducing manual tasks and enabling agents to focus on higher-value interactions. This boost in agent productivity translates to quicker issue resolution and improved service delivery.

Improved Conversion Rate

Integrating Sales CRM with Twilio equips sales teams with valuable customer data and interaction history. This data-driven approach empowers sales representatives to personalize sales pitches, nurture leads, and close deals more efficiently.

Cost Efficiency and ROI

By optimizing agent efficiency and reducing call handling time, Twilio aids in lowering operational costs while maximizing customer engagement. Businesses can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) as they deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Popular CRM Platforms with Twilio Integration

While Twilio integrates smoothly with many CRM platforms natively, several popular non-native ones offer seamless integration. Some of these platforms, in no particular order, are:


The Office24by7 sales CRM integration with Twilio is seamless, enhancing communication and customer engagement capabilities. With this integration, businesses can leverage Twilio’s powerful communication APIs, including voice calls, to deliver personalized and real-time customer interactions. 

Integrating Office24by7 and Twilio enables agents to receive and make VoIP calls worldwide. As a result, it opens up a world of possibilities for businesses to deliver exceptional customer service, drive sales efficiency, and foster stronger customer relationships. With powerful communication tools, businesses can create personalized and seamless experiences for their clients, setting them apart in today’s competitive landscape.


HubSpot is a third-party software provider that provides custom integrations with Twilio CRM. Users can create an account with Twilio Connect, a third-party calling provider, enabling them to make calls in HubSpot even to countries not initially supported. The calling minutes are pooled and shared across all users within a HubSpot account, and additional minutes can be purchased if needed. 

This integration empowers enterprises to seamlessly utilize Twilio’s powerful communication features within the HubSpot CRM environment.


Zoho CRM offers integration options for Twilio, empowering users to streamline customer communication and automate processes with Twilio’s SMS and voice features. With this integration, businesses can send automated SMS notifications to their customers and send SMS notifications manually when needed. Zoho provides pre-built SMS templates to choose from for each notification type. SMS preferences can be configured at the customer and contact person levels.


Pipedrive allows businesses to leverage the Twilio extension to constantly communicate with their customers through WhatsApp and SMS. This integration enables agents to connect with the entire database, specific subgroups, or individual contacts effortlessly. With this seamless customer experience, businesses can share rich content and respond to messages directly from Pipedrive, enhancing customer engagement and interactions.


Twilio’s versatile and programmable cloud-based contact center platform empowers businesses to deliver personalized, seamless, and efficient interactions across multiple communication channels. Integrating popular sales CRM like Office24by7 with Twilio opens new growth opportunities for companies seeking to transform their customer communication and engagement strategies. 

With the entirety of Twilio’s APIs, businesses can streamline customer communication, enhance agent productivity, and optimize customer support processes. From automated transactional messages to self-service chatbots, Twilio empowers enterprises to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build stronger relationships.

Continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization ensure that the integration remains a dynamic asset, driving businesses toward customer-centricity and growth. It equips sales and support teams with the tools for exceptional customer engagement and loyalty. 

By combining Twilio’s communication capabilities with Office24by7 sales CRM, you pave the way for unparalleled customer experiences, propelling your business to new heights of success. Just call us at +91 7097171717 or email us at, and we will get back to you.

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