Step-by-Step Process to Setup Virtual Call Center for Business

by Dec 5, 2022Call Center Software

Our lives have been drastically altered as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has provided us with several valuable life lessons and a look into the future. It has led to a significant increase in the number of calls received by companies giving customer care, and many of these companies are considering establishing a virtual call center for businesses to solve customer concerns and guarantee improved communication throughout.

Over forty-six percent of sales companies have transitioned to an indoor sales strategy to satisfy the requirements of their customers while also giving staff safety the highest priority.

Because of features such as simplicity of start-up, greater efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, call centers are a feasible solution for businesses looking to keep their customers happy while also assuring the success of their businesses. However, even with solid virtual contact center software, several procedures still need to be taken to set up a virtual call center for business.


Ensure the data is secure and complies with all regulations

When moving to a virtual environment, the most important item to focus on is ensuring that your data is secure and that you adhere to all relevant compliance standards. This helps eliminate the possibility of data theft or breach, both of which are possibilities when employees work remotely. 

Establishing a virtual private network (VPN) for your business may be an excellent first step toward improving security. It enables you to monitor workers remotely and check that your resources are used responsibly following your specifications. The technology should also store all the data on the cloud and prohibit agents working in virtual call centers for business from capturing screenshots or recording conversations while on the job. Managing sensitive client data remotely might be challenging, but as a service provider, you must guarantee the data is always secure.


Ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is in place

Before you can provide your agents with the necessary infrastructure, you must understand the nature of their jobs and responsibilities. Therefore, customer service representatives need access to all necessary equipment and facilities to deliver the best possible service to clients. 

As a result, agents will want a smartphone, a laptop, and a dependable internet connection, depending on the procedure. In addition, the system currently being used must be capable of operating with a low internet bandwidth to keep all agents linked to the system at all times.

Ensure you have a smart routing algorithm for incoming calls that directs calls via a smart IVR software to your virtual agents. This will allow you to handle incoming calls more efficiently. When making outgoing calls using a virtual dialer, the automated call distribution function must ensure that calls are routed to the appropriate agents based on their specific roles and skill sets.


Monitoring in Every Direction for Managers (360 Degrees)

After effectively establishing your virtual call center, the next step in setting up a virtual call center is ensuring the company’s business and operational leaders have a centralized view of the distant contact center activities. These operations include office work, work done remotely, and agent actions coordinated across all campaigns through an interface.

The following activities are ones that supervisors and managers are expected to be able to supervise and monitor at all times:

  • To guarantee that customers are satisfied to a greater extent, managers and supervisors need to be able to listen in on live calls and provide support to agents who are currently on the phone.
  • They need to be able to do a real-time analysis of the call flow in each campaign and move remote workers to various call queues to achieve improved productivity and appropriate resource allocation.
  • Additionally, managers and supervisors should be able to access information to evaluate agents based on their performance and analyze the call quality.
  • In addition, they need to be able to monitor various characteristics in distant devices by using application infrastructure management solutions to guarantee a smooth procedure progression.


Integrations of CRM to Gain Customer Information Access

Setting up remote contact center for agents would require them to access data. They need to have access to past interactions, the product or package that the customers have purchased, and their entire profile for them to be able to understand better the customers’ needs and give the necessary support to the consumers. 

Consequently, you must ensure that when your agents deal with clients, your CRM software immediately displays all relevant customer information on their screens.

If agents must meticulously obtain information from various sources while a customer is on the line, the customer experience will be significantly damaged. As a result, you need to ensure that your agents have access to a system that helps them become more productive and gives them the information they need to address your clients’ concerns effectively.

Not only should virtual number services for businesses give them the relevant context for the client call that they have received or called, but agents should also be able to track ongoing discussions in the system. Agents also need the ability to virtually hand over calls to higher-ups with all of the relevant information to provide effective problem resolution.


Including Digital Channels for Customers to Better Engage with Businesses

If you use one contact method with your clients, distant customer engagement may be very trying. In addition, consumers prefer companies and brands that interact with them through their chosen communication methods. 

In today’s contactless world, when customers want fast help from service providers, mediums such as online chat, social media, and WhatsApp have demonstrated very high adoption rates among customers.

Including digital channels increases customer satisfaction and facilitates the First Contact Resolution of consumer concerns. In addition, the ability of bot agents to take over some of the duties of human agents helps to lighten their workload.


7 Easy Steps to Get Your Own Virtual Call Center Up and Running

These measures will greatly increase your chances of having a successful virtual contact center.

Determine the Field in Which You Wish to Operate

Way too many company entrepreneurs get their companies rolling in the right direction without first laying the foundation required to get there. Don’t act in such a manner. Find out first precisely what kind of virtual call center for business are you looking to set up before you do anything else.

What kind of business do you run, and how do you plan to put the contact center to use? To what extent do you rely on it while making outbound marketing software sales calls? Is this for communication with consumers and clients over a longer period?

When you have a more precise idea of what you’re searching for, it will be much simpler to track down the relevant materials.

Put these fundamentals in writing, either on paper or in a document. The next step is to consider the additional features and intangible benefits you desire from your contact center. Overall, you want to clearly understand who you want to serve and why you want to serve them.

Acquire a sense of what your budget will allow

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of your financial resources and evaluate them in light of the investments necessary before your virtual contact center can become operational.

To get started, finding out what kinds of tools and supplies you need is a good idea. We had before discussed high-speed internet as well as VoIP phone technologies. However, your staff members may need headsets, equipment, and accessories to make calls.

If you need more people power, you should consider the expense of recruiting more representatives to work at your new virtual contact center.

Establish Your Call Processing Workflow

If you have already completed the demanding job, convincing customers that your organization can complete the task might be simple.

You may use mind maps, flow charts, task management software, and other planning tools when organizing your workflow.

A call procedure could be represented in a flow chart, for instance, like this: The representative takes a few inquiries from the caller to find out why they are calling in the first place. The agent will carry out your predetermined response if the caller responds in a certain manner. Alternately, interactions might feature branching choices that depend on how the first portion of a dialogue is handled.

Depending on the kind of calls you make or receive, your workflow may be as complicated or as straightforward as you need it to be at any one time.

It is necessary to establish your process before moving on to the next phase, which is getting customers so that you can go forward.

Identify Potential Customers that are in Need of Your Services

Suppose you want to establish a reputation for yourself and turn your virtual contact center into a profitable investment. In that case, the first thing you need to do is discover customers who need your services.

If you are targeting the incorrect demographic of people or the wrong kind of company, you will not receive the results that you are aiming for. Investing time researching your sector and the market will help you obtain a better return on your marketing efforts.

Determine the important participants in your sector and the goods or services they provide, then identify those significant players. This will assist you in speaking to their requirements and how your contact center can help them.

You may also consider using internet directories, social media, and other marketing methods to get the word out about your company.

These are only two suggestions to begin you thinking in the right direction.

You may also leverage your efforts to locate new clients to enhance your call process by customizing it to the kind of consumers you want to attract the most.

Make an Investment in Call Center Software

The software used in call centers has seen significant development in recent years. Many firms currently utilize it to manage their calls and customer interactions, boosting customer care, efficiency, and revenues.

If you have quality call center software, you can store all of the information about your consumers in one location. A database contains all the essential customer information, making it possible to retrieve such information whenever required.

You’ll want to spend your time choosing the piece of software that caters to your requirements the most effectively. We have an outstanding piece on the finest virtual call center business software available today; if you are unaware of how this software works or the top possibilities, you can read it on our website.

Office24by7’s best automation software tool is an excellent choice since it is simple and adaptable to use, and it provides you with all of the tools and advantages you need to manage and expand a virtual contact center successfully.

Assemble a Team of Call Center Agents by Conducting Recruitment, Hiring, and Orientation Activities

Now is the moment to locate a staff deserving of your virtual contact center. Agents in whom you have faith will work to establish a positive reputation for your company.

Because it is virtual, your contact center allows you to hire intelligent employees eager to work from home. They will need self-discipline and the ability to inspire themselves since it is probable that they will not be located near you geographically.

The requirement for pricey office space and other expenditures connected with maintaining a physical contact center is eliminated when an organization hires workers to perform their duties remotely.

However, recruitment doesn’t need to be as challenging as it often is. Even if you aren’t sure what you’re trying to find.

Try our blog article on the most effective recruitment software as a starting point. Your search for software to assist with the recruitment process will be made much simpler due to this guide’s wealth of information and specialized assistance.

If planning a significant workforce expansion, you should consider investing in application tracking software. We also have an article about this topic that discusses the top applicant tracking software. Using this program, there will be no misunderstanding as your most prospective and attractive individuals go through the hiring process from CV to employed.

After you have selected the best applicant for the position, you will need some time to educate them about the values of your firm, the software they will be required to use, and any other procedures essential to how you do business.

Do you know whether we can also assist you with the onboarding process? Yeah, we can.

You can get the most helpful guide about onboarding software right here. It explains what onboarding is, how to ensure you don’t forget anything your new employee needs, and how to help them feel secure beginning on their first day on the job.

Hiring the incorrect staff for the job may be expensive and time-consuming. Setting aside sufficient time to locate the ideal applicant, who can be assisted in a speedy transition into their new role by a well-thought-out onboarding strategy, is essential.

If you take the time to do things correctly, you can guarantee that your new employees are pleased and productive when they start working for you.

Dedicate Resources to Sustaining a Joyful Atmosphere in the Call Center

Even though it is a virtual contact center in India, you must keep your agents motivated and create a healthy culture. This cannot be ignored just because the call center is virtual.

This is simple to ignore but may result in more employee turnover than you would want. It is possible that they resigned due to burnout or that they quit due to inadequate training and dissatisfaction.

Difficulties in attracting new employees cause some problems with employee turnover, but the vast majority of these problems may be prevented by making maintaining a happy atmosphere a primary priority.

You may discover unique methods to keep your staff enjoying their daily routine, but how you do so will depend on your company’s culture.

A few options include providing enough pauses during phone blitzes, providing rewards for high performance, and providing unique prizes as a few of the possibilities.

It is of the utmost importance that you demonstrate respect for your agents and ensure a fundamental culture of collaboration and appreciation for the job that everyone is doing.

Employees at all levels, from entry to management, have the want to be valued and to feel involved in their workplace.


What Comes Next? 

You must grow your virtual contact center to accommodate more customers when you reach this point. If you’ve done the stages that came before this one correctly, you should have a solid base from which to work.

Pay careful attention to your procedures, and consider how you may improve them. Is it possible to make them better? 

After having your virtual contact center operational for a time, how are the ratings for the overall satisfaction of your customers?

Should you schedule any staff training, do you need to put it on your calendar?

Can you modify your call times and other metrics to simplify your agents’ lives or provide a superior customer experience to those who call or do business with you?

If you discover any holes, fill them in, and after you’ve gained some self-assurance, you may increase your staff and operations.

The following are some of the next measures you may take now. The possibilities are endless.

With the knowledge you’ve gained here, you should be able to establish a clear virtual call center business opportunity effectively. Office24by7, in particular, makes everything straightforward to do, At first glance, establishing a virtual call center for business looks to be a challenging undertaking. Once everything is in place, however, and you have entire virtual control over the procedures and operations, you can provide excellent customer service to your customers in a far more cost-effective manner. In addition, you can acquire management software for a virtual contact center tailored to your company’s requirements and give your agents the assistance and flexibility they need.

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