Streamline Order Tracking With the Best IVR Service Provider

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Popular meme depicting how customer is eager to track online order status. Shows the importance of IVR service provider and IVR solutions in order tracking.

We all are familiar with this popular meme about a customer’s anticipation of delivery after an online product purchase. But Pablo Escobar is not the only one who is impatient to know the order status. Even though we all laughed at this meme, this depicts an interesting reality – a customer always expects their order to be delivered on time, sometimes even before time. New research from Verte, a popular supply chain management company, reveals that 91% of consumers actively track their packages, 39% track them once a day, and 19% of them track their packages multiple times a day. These statistics show why efficient order tracking is a very important element in improving customer satisfaction. This is where integrating with an IVR service provider becomes a transformative solution.

Ensuring orders are accurately processed and delivered on time is important to ensure customer satisfaction. This is true for businesses of all sizes. However, as order volumes increase and customer expectations grow, they demand to know the status of their orders. Without proper order tracking methods, businesses fall short in meeting these demands. An IVR service provider helps businesses in this scenario by automating customer interactions through voice and touch-tone keypad selections. IVR solutions provide a streamlined and efficient means of communication. Beyond simple call routing, call center IVR systems can offer sophisticated order-tracking capabilities. This allows businesses to provide real-time updates and personalized notifications to their customers.

Businesses can streamline their order-tracking operations by deploying an IVR number. Let’s explore the role of IVR systems in enhancing order-tracking processes for businesses. We’ll also see how businesses can leverage advanced IVR solutions to optimize their order management and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Streamline order tracking with the best IVR service provider | Office24by7

Importance of Order Tracking

Efficient order tracking or delivery tracking plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. If a customer is satisfied with the organization’s inbound call center services, there is a high chance that the customer retains. As a result, the rate of repeat customers also increases. Therefore, order tracking is an important factor in the success and sustaining of any business organization. Here’s why order tracking is crucial from a business’s perspective:

Ensuring Timely Delivery

Shipping and delivery of products used to take considerably a very long time in the past. But the scenario is not the same today, thanks to technological advancements and the market competition to meet the customer’s demands. The innovations in technology, especially the ones in the past few years have helped businesses to introduce faster shipping methods. Terms like ‘fast shipping’, ‘same-day delivery’, ‘lightning-speed delivery’ etc. have become so popular these days. This leads to instant gratification as customers receive their orders promptly. Effective order tracking helps customers to monitor the status of each order in real-time. This allows them to identify potential delays and report them to the business to ensure timely delivery. Businesses can also instill confidence and trust by keeping customers informed about the status of their orders.

Minimizing Errors and Discrepancies

Manual methods of order tracking can be hectic and prone to errors. Consider a scenario where you have to call a business provider to enquire about the shipment status. They tell you to contact the shipping company. Then you call the shipping company to ask about where the order has reached. They tell you it has left their warehouse, and might have reached the nearest facility. And then you have to contact them to know when to expect delivery. Sounds chaotic, right? Customers can’t be expected to manage all the hodgepodge by themselves. It can deliver wrong information and can result in discrepancies, delays, and customer dissatisfaction. An IVR service provider offers automated order-tracking capabilities. This reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures accuracy throughout the order fulfillment process. Automating routine tasks such as order status inquiries and updates results in streamlined operations and a seamless ordering experience for customers.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Implementing an efficient order-tracking system with a responsible IVR service provider is beneficial for business organizations as well. Order tracking through IVR helps businesses free up their valuable resources and reduce administrative overhead. Businesses can also optimize their workforce productivity as the IVR solutions can handle all the order inquiries. Simply deploy an IVR number that can be added to the order confirmation receipt for the customer, and let it do the rest. This also enables the customer service teams to focus on addressing more complex issues such as providing personalized customer care. This can result in greater efficiency of physical and human resources, as well as investment.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of a business organization should be to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, to make them repeat customers. When a customer becomes loyal, they unknowingly become word-of-mouth publishers for the brand, driving more fresh sales to the company. This is exactly what an IVR service provider helps you achieve. By providing transparent, accurate, and timely updates on order status, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to customer service excellence. Businesses can also leverage the outbound call center services through voice broadcasting software in Hyderabad. This means that they can inform the customers about every update in the delivery by placing outbound IVR calls to the customer. With this proactive customer communication, customers get to know about the hows and whens of the order fulfillment. This fosters a stronger relationship with the brand and encourages repeat purchases, leading to long-term loyalty.

Benefits of Order Tracking With an IVR Service Provider

Call center IVR systems offer a myriad of benefits when it comes to order tracking for businesses. Let’s check how leveraging an IVR service provider be beneficial in managing the order-tracking process:

Streamlined Order Tracking Process

One of the key benefits of utilizing an IVR service provider for order tracking is the streamlining of the entire process. It enhances the inbound call center services as the incoming inquiries are handled by the IVR number itself. The support agents sitting at the desk may not be able to handle a large number of inquiries from inbound call center software. It can reduce their productivity and can be very expensive. With advanced call center IVR systems, businesses can enable communication automation. They can automate order status inquiries, updates, and notifications. This eliminates the need for manual intervention. Customers can simply call a dedicated IVR number or access the inbound call center services portal to check the status of their orders. They can also receive real-time updates and even modify their preferences without the need to speak with a customer service representative. This seamless and efficient process enhances the customer experience and improves overall efficiency within the organization.

Real-Time Tracking Updates

From stock updates to world news, everything in today’s world is available in real time. To move along in the competitive market, providing real-time tracking updates on order shipments is quite necessary. The best IVR service providers offer real-time tracking updates to customers. When customers get instant visibility into the status of their orders – whether it’s processing, packaging, shipping, or delivery – it helps them stay informed every step of the way. By leveraging real-time data integration with inventory management and logistics systems, IVR solutions ensure that customers receive accurate and up-to-date information. This allows them to make informed decisions and plan accordingly. This level of transparency and visibility builds brand goodwill among customers.

Customizable Notifications

An IVR service provider also offers customizable notification functionality to suit the preferences of all customers. This helps maximize the potential of inbound and outbound call center services. While calling the IVR number, the business can provide an option for the customers to choose their favorite channel of communication. They can choose from SMS alerts, email notifications, automated voice calls through voice broadcasting software, etc. In this way, the IVR solutions can be leveraged to determine if the customer prefers to receive updates through some other form of communication. If the customer chooses voice calls, they can provide real-time tracking updates through voice broadcasting software. Otherwise, the outbound call center services can utilized to leverage the integrated SMS or email services for updates and notifications.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

An efficient IVR service provider allows seamless integration with existing order management, inventory, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Hence, ensuring smooth and efficient operations is not a big task anymore. This helps businesses retrieve order details from the database for easy updation through IVR solutions. Whenever an updation is made in the database, the customer can be notified through the voice broadcasting software. While integrated with an inventory or CRM system, the call center IVR systems can collect updated information in real time. Thus, IVR solutions ensure data consistency and accuracy across the board. This integration capability enables businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure and investments. This maximizes the value of their technology stack and enhances overall business agility.

What Makes Office24by7 the Best IVR Service Provider

Now that we’ve identified the importance of efficient order-tracking capabilities and the role of IVR solutions in enhancing the order-tracking process, it’s time for us to discuss the best IVR service provider in the industry – Office24by7. Office24by7 stands out as the premier IVR service provider in the market, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline order tracking and enhance customer satisfaction. Here are some key factors that distinguish Office24by7 as the best choice for businesses seeking top-notch IVR solutions:

Cutting-Edge Technology

Office24by7 is an IVR service provider powered by cutting-edge cloud telephony services technology that delivers a seamless experience to customers. Customers can eliminate the need to wait in longer queues to get to an agent for order information. Our advanced features including integration with CRM systems enable businesses to access customer information quickly and provide an intuitive user experience. Customers can interact with the call center IVR systems, eliminating the need for complex menu navigation and enhancing accessibility for users of all backgrounds and abilities. Office24by7 ensures that businesses get the best out of innovation and technology, driving superior outcomes for order tracking.

Customization and Flexibility

Office24by7 understands that every business is unique, with its own set of requirements and preferences. That’s why Office24by7’s IVR solutions offer a high degree of customization and flexibility. We allow businesses to tailor the system to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s designing custom call flows, configuring personalized notifications, or integrating with third-party systems, Office24by7 empowers businesses to create a solution that aligns seamlessly with their brand identity. This flexibility ensures that businesses can adapt and evolve their call center IVR systems as their needs change. This also provides a scalable and future-proof solution for order tracking and customer engagement. Office24by7 also gives you the flexibility to enable OTP authentication before order delivery.

Proven Track Record

Office24by7 has established a solid reputation as a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement strategies. We have a proven track record of success and a portfolio of more than thousands of satisfied clients spanning various industries. Office24by7 has demonstrated its ability to deliver results and drive tangible business outcomes. Our clients testify our services have improved their order accuracy and efficiency to enhance customer satisfaction. Office24by7 is an IVR service provider with consistent measurable benefits for its clients. By choosing Office24by7 as their IVR service provider, businesses can leverage the expertise and experience of a seasoned industry leader. Office24by7’s inbound call center tools offer unmatched scalability and reliability. Unlike other providers, our 24/7 monitoring and support ensures maximum uptime and availability, minimizing the risk of disruptions and downtime in inbound call center services.

IVR pricing

When selecting an IVR service provider, IVR pricing is a very important factor, especially for small businesses. The cost of inbound call center software shouldn’t be very expensive. The purpose of implementing an inbound call center software is to reduce the cost and effort of manual and redundant tasks. Therefore, the IVR pricing should be very feasible and should encourage businesses to implement it. At Office24by7, our utmost concern is to enable businesses to achieve customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have maintained our IVR pricing to a reasonable standard, to ensure business organizations could make the best out of our call center IVR systems. Contact us today to learn more about our IVR call center solution.

How Does an IVR Service Provider Enhance Customer Experience

Office24by7’s IVR solutions go beyond optimizing order tracking processes; it’s designed to elevate the entire customer experience. Here’s how leveraging an IVR service provider like Office24by7 can enhance the customer journey:

Seamless Self-Service Options

Call center IVR systems provide customers with self-service options. This allows them to access order tracking information conveniently and independently. Customers can inquire about order status, track shipments, and manage their preferences by simply calling a dedicated IVR number – all without the need to speak with a customer service representative. This self-service capability not only saves customers time and effort but also reduces call volume and frees up agents to focus on more complex inquiries, ultimately improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience

IVR solutions act as inbound call center software that enhances accessibility and convenience for customers of all backgrounds. An efficient IVR service provider ensures that their IVR solutions support multiple languages. This enables businesses to effectively serve customers in their preferred language, regardless of location or demographics. Call center IVR systems accommodate diverse communication styles and linguistic preferences. Customers can interact with the system using voice commands or touch-tone keypad selections. This accessibility and convenience demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and customer-centricity. Businesses can also reach diverse audiences through voice broadcasting software in their language.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Call center IVR systems are built on a foundation of continuous improvement and optimization. Through data-driven insights and analytics, businesses can gain valuable intelligence into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. Office24by7’s IVR solution offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities. This allows businesses to track key performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their IVR workflows accordingly. Businesses can also continuously refine their IVR system by leveraging data-driven insights. This ensures that it remains aligned with evolving customer needs and expectations. This commitment to continuous improvement enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Implementation & Support From an IVR Service Provider

Implementing an IVR system for order tracking requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing support to ensure success. Office24by7, as a leading IVR service provider, offers comprehensive implementation of inbound call center software and ongoing support to guide businesses through every step of the process:

Needs Assessment and Solution Design

The implementation process begins with a thorough needs assessment to understand the unique requirements and objectives of the business. Office24by7’s team of experts works closely with clients to assess their current order-tracking processes, identify pain points and opportunities for improvement, and define key success criteria. Based on this assessment, Office24by7 designs a tailored IVR solution that meets the specific needs and goals of the business, ensuring alignment with its strategic objectives and customer experience objectives.

Call Flow Design and Configuration

Once the solution design is finalized, the client can design and configure the call flow for the IVR system using inbound call center tools. Using Office24by7’s intuitive drag-and-drop call flow builder, businesses can easily create custom call flows that reflect their unique business processes and customer journeys. Routing calls to the appropriate department, providing order status updates, and offering self-service options can be easily incorporated into our IVR solutions. Office24by7’s call flow design tool allows for seamless customization and configuration, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for both customers and agents. On the other hand, if you decide to call the customer to inform them about the expected time for delivery, then you can leverage the outbound calling solutions

Integration with Existing Systems

Office24by7’s IVR system seamlessly integrates with existing order management, inventory, and CRM systems, ensuring data consistency and accuracy across the organization. Through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Office24by7 facilitates seamless data exchange between various systems, enabling businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure and investments. By integrating with existing systems, Office24by7 ensures a unified and holistic view of customer interactions and order-tracking activities using the inbound call center tools. It helps improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

Training and Onboarding

Once the IVR system is configured and integrated, we provide comprehensive training and onboarding to our customers. This is to ensure that businesses are equipped to maximize the value of their investment. Office24by7’s team conducts hands-on training sessions for administrators, agents, and technical staff. We cover topics such as system navigation, call flow management, reporting and analytics, and best practices for customer engagement. Additionally, our ongoing support and resources help businesses troubleshoot issues and optimize their IVR workflows. You can stay up-to-date with the latest features and updates.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Office24by7 is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance. We ensure the continued success and reliability of our inbound and outbound IVR call center services. With 24/7 monitoring and dedicated support teams, Office24by7 offers timely assistance and troubleshooting for any issues or concerns that may arise. Additionally, Office24by7 regularly updates its IVR system with new features, enhancements, and security patches to ensure optimal performance and protection against emerging threats. By leveraging the inbound call center tools of Office24by7, businesses can provide proactive support and guidance every step of the way.


Providing exceptional customer experiences is the most important element of success. Efficient order tracking plays a pivotal role in shaping these experiences, enabling businesses to deliver timely and personalized service to their customers. By leveraging an IVR service provider like Office24by7 and following IVR best practices, businesses can streamline their order-tracking processes and elevate the overall customer experience.

We’ve explored the importance of order tracking and how IVR solutions help this aspect of customer engagement. We’ve seen how Office24by7, as the best IVR service provider in the industry, offers cutting-edge technology, customization, scalability, and reliability. From streamlining the order tracking process to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, Office24by7’s IVR solutions deliver tangible benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries.

By implementing Office24by7’s IVR solutions, businesses can:

  • Provide real-time tracking updates and personalized notifications to keep customers informed throughout the order fulfillment journey.
  • Enhance accessibility and convenience of inbound call center services with self-service options and customizable communication channels.
  • Improve operational efficiency and decision-making with seamless integration with existing systems and robust reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Ensure ongoing success and reliability with comprehensive implementation, training, support, and maintenance services from Office24by7.
  • Stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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