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Advantages of Cloud Telephony | Office24by7

Rightfully, Cloud Telephony is an efficient communication conduit in the business world. This has emerged as a technological innovation that has the potential to replace traditional methods. Almost all fast-growing businesses have established Cloud Telephony in recent days as a spell-working theory to integrate and intersect business divisions for better progress and success. It is integral for any organization to learn the Cloud Telephony advantages.

While talking about any entity across the industry, there are pain points in every walk of the business transaction at the initial stage. Businesses should give room to improvise the process. Evolution in technology is booming with all methodological advancements because of the embedded business propulsion. Hence, Cloud Telephony crowns as the best platform.

Cloud Telephony software is one of the most appropriate technologies for all businesses. There are many reasons why businesses should implement Cloud Telephony solutions. Let’s take a look at a few Cloud Telephony advantages.


Auto Communication

Customer Communication is an inherent part of a successful business. Cloud Telephony software provides immense opportunity for communication automation. Cloud Telephony software upsurges overall productivity.  It also provides efficient control of the strategic points of field calls. Customers look forward to addressing their queries and information at tips and expect swift resolutions of issues in no time. Cloud Telephony software streamlines the communication platform infinitely, making call management indefinitely graceful in handling high-voluminous calls. It does all functions from enabling to record calls, route and forward them for specific interactions, take feedback, and be responsive to text and voice alerts whenever and wherever necessary.


Instant Activation

It eases organizations to sphere new additions in just a few clicks as no infrastructure is to be deployed. It has formed a boon for organizations to operate on a single communication system as the business runs on one number with multiple extensions and departments – configurable through a single Virtual Number, which is in the Cloud.  Any number of plans, as per requirement, can be purchased hassle-freely online and activated quickly. With Office24by7, businesses set up becomes easy and go live in just a fraction.


Real-Time Reports

Every call log left unanswered, routed, and forwarded is stored and recorded, forming a crystal-like breakthrough in the business communication system. This type of systematic analysis regularly straitens the potential leads to miss not again. The Supervisors or other managerial staff could monitor their agents’ performance and business communication channels on a single platform via Cloud Telephony from anywhere. Also, at any point in time, we can craft business refinements forthwith. This furnishes free space for improving sales and business communication pipelines.



Cloud Telephony is a well-framed and reliable platform for businesses to customize their communication channels to their requirements. This can be done simply with API Integrations of Cloud-Based communication systems. The single leveraged platform can help businesses address resolutions through varied responsive channels to stay connected with customers and associates quickly.

The beauty of Cloud Telephony’s advantages is that they can be easily adapted to the business turns and tussles. Thus, scalable, up and down invariably without much economic apprehensions. Cloud solutions are created with high-end security firewalls hence, data is securely stored on the cloud and on-premises without any hassle and is accessible from any part of the globe.



Cloud Telephony Solution is very economical and price-productive as it provides the flexibility of various extensions and digital communication features like IVR, ACD, scheduled and time-based routing, call forwarding, CTI, dialers, click-to-call, conference call, call transferring voice-mail integrations, web chat, live chat, ticketing, OBD, send emails, SMS, short URL, audio store, and much more with the single instant configuration of a virtual number services in India. These various touch points provide an upper hand in business communication, improving customer satisfaction considerably.  Also, it is lucrative in optimizing the workforce.



So, Cloud Telephony advantages are packed in store for businesses to step out of their regular mainstreams. Enduring Cloud telephony can transform businesses for a prompt success path. Office24by7 is the leading Cloud Telephony solutions provider pioneered with cloud and state-of-the-art on-premises deployment services from startups to large entities with innovative types of voice solutions bridging the communication gap between organizations and customers.

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