Why Should We Use Smart IVR for Customer Communication?

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Businesses handling Customer Communication require professionalism. But to keep track of all incoming calls, monitor call conversations, improve first-time resolutions, enhance customer satisfaction, and, importantly, route callers to the right departments for the right resolutions at the right time requires more than just professionalism. For this, a Smart IVR solutions is the key.


Why Smart IVR?

Generally, it is observed that customers intuitively choose other business options after a bad conversation experience. This is because of long on-hold time or not receiving timely resolutions. To wave off, adopt a SMART IVR solutions for your business.

A Smart IVR solutions welcomes customer with warm greetings and intelligently forward them to the right destined points, ensuring they miss not a single potential call and build a loyal relationship with the customer right from the point of contact of your business. Also, instantaneously privileges customers via an automated SMS or email for their missed call services, ensuring a call back at the earliest simultaneously alerts agents of a missed opportunity. It keeps business on track, enhancing customer satisfaction and agent efficiency. 


Efficiency of Smart IVR for Customer Communication

Smart IVR solutions works like a Virtual Call Center services. It efficiently does much more than just greeting and routing callers.

Explored below are IVR capabilities expediting its efficiency.

IVR Configuration:

Smart IVR solutions is customizable with a wide range of voice inputs and feasible custom options to make your business sound professional and help establish a loyal brand image. This system reduces human intervention and resources. The IVR system menu is customizable as per business requirements. An automated welcome message greets your customers and connects them for their timely resolutions through an Intelligent – Time, Skill, and Caller routing system.

Personalize Calls:

Personalize callers with personalized greetings or pre-recorded custom messages via IVRS. Also, it validates the flexibility of live recording your message anywhere just by receiving a call on mobile, providing instant amazing expression to your business.

Track Calls:

It tracks all incoming calls and generates leads out of missed call services that are reached to different departments of your business effectively.  This way, it helps to know your customer’s queries best and possibly enables them to achieve a satisfactory experience with your business.

Record Calls:

It is essential for any type of business to monitor the activities that check in and out of business closely. Hence, recording all agents –’ conversations, including missed conversations later, to delight the customer is probable. Such recordings shall be used for quality monitoring, training, and tracking agents resolving efficiency. It helps to understand the loopholes of your business greatly.

Customer Satisfaction:

Every minute, your business shall assure customer satisfaction as all incoming calls are tracked and monitored with detailed descriptions of customer conversations in a unified portal.


Smart IVR solutions enables CRM software and third-party application integrations hassle-free. It helps to keep all business records like customer data, ongoing conversations, and previous history made via SMS, Calls, and Emails, letting you address the customer’s needs accordingly.


To make a better business and to understand customer interactions with your business, it is highly essential to procure the relevant conversation records, live connections, and real-time analytics, which Smart IVR solutions shows to you reliably on a user-friendly platform. Smart IVR does not require multiple phone numbers for routing callers to multiple departments. Using a single Virtual Number software of any format can set up IVR to route all business calls intelligently for effective customer communication. It facilitates the project of your business with a single and unique customer-facing number feasible to offer Office24by7,s sales automation software support without the need for a traditional in-house smart call center setup. Start-ups to large-scale enterprises shall use this simple and effective Cloud Telephony Solutions to ensure great customer communications and add-on to support their business team to be productive selves.

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