Discover how IVR makes your Business Telephony better?

Communication forms the pillar of satisfaction, build trust, loyalty, and helps in business growth. A more effective communication with advanced tool leads to high customer satisfaction rate.

Customers can reach out to your business to purchase a service or product, to solve an issue or look for more help from you. The key to success is how you make it easy for your customers to find you, talk to you and express. While you can have the best sales person for the job, you will need an advanced tool to make communication to customers a systematic process. IVR, an Interactive Voice Response System from Cloud Telephony is a boon for all industry types to offer superior customer service. It facilitates organized and hassle free business conversations at any point in time at any level

IVR is an automated voice that you hear when you call company and a pre-recorded voice that assists you to choose destinations via DTMF inputs and intelligently routes to destined points. IVR need not to be a pre-recorded voice; it can be an electronic voice that instantly delivers prompts by converting simple text into speech and comprehensive of Cloud Telephony features like Call forwarding, intelligent routing system as per Time, Skill, Language and Call History.

With the help of an IVR you can engage your customers with offers and important information while they wait for the call to get connected to your agent. You can also entertain your customers with melodious music, business description and other promotional information. In case, the duration is too long you can auto respond to your customers promising a call back via Email or SMS instantaneously. It minimizes human interaction, waves off customer frustration of repeated questions, thus saving time, resources and efforts. Integrations of any third party tools are facilitated. With the help of voice mail customers can leave your team a message so that you can get back to them as soon as you possible. An analytics report on call details, recordings, real time data can give insights for future course of action for your sales team.

The success story of any business is dependent on customer satisfaction. To lay the foundation for superior customer experiences, choosing a right communication automation service provider is important. Office24by7 stands out with experience of Cloud Telephony Service provider in India offering innovative and cost effective solutions. Thus provide customized, personalized and end to end yet hassle free communication solutions to ease out your business processes and conversations.

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