Importance of Cloud Telephony In Making the World a Better Place

by Feb 19, 2018Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony and the world | Office24by7

New cloud computing technologies are revolutionizing the way communication takes place without being in the limelight. Its impact is huge and making our lives easier, but probably you don’t notice it. If your guess is any social media platform, you might have to correct yourself this time. We are referring to Cloud Telephony. Let’s look at the importance of cloud telephony in making the world a better place. 

Cloud Telephony replaces conventional business telephone systems such as the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an advanced way of communication over the Internet. A third-party hosted server provides the service to companies accessed over the Internet. Small, medium, and large businesses now prefer the evolution of technology from data-centric to VOIP. So, how exactly is Cloud Telephony making the world a better, more efficient place?

Remember the last time you called your bank or your telecom service provider? An automated voice requested you to press one for language followed by the other numbers for respective departments.  And the time you got a cab driver’s number from a booking app and called him directly. You rarely have to wait to talk to a customer care agent today. Well, the technology empowering companies to make customer communication effective, personalized, and seamless is Cloud Telephony. From taxi aggregators, banks, and small startups to airlines, every company is switching to Cloud Technology. But does the rising popularity mean every company can afford to have such cutting-edge technology? What is the role of cloud telephony in it?

The flexible and cost-efficient nature of Cloud Telephony makes it possible. The simplicity of installing the technology and its employee mobility adds to the advantages over PBX machines. With Cloud Telephony, businesses can now afford to not care about maintaining customer communication tools and focus on things of greater importance, like sales. Cloud Technology is not only providing seamless communication but also paving the way for companies to focus on profits by streamlining various departments.

As companies grow or reduce their size, this technology can adapt itself to the new requirements without any additional installation or maintenance cost. This is possible because the infrastructure is hosted on the server of the service provider, and companies access it as required without spending time and energy on managing the equipment. The result is that companies save money and have the option of passing it on to customers or investing it in the future.


Role of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is the parent technology that allows companies to engage with customers at a massive scale in a hassle-free way. Some specialties include sending bulk voice and SMS, IVR, Missed Calls, Toll-Free, OTP, Conference Calls, and one business number. Simply put, it is more effective and relevant marketing to build a brand. Cloud has become a big part of our lives, and we even know about it.

What’s more? Cloud Telephony services of Office24by7 take things to the next level by providing all the services under one umbrella and with added features of analytics reports to measure and improve the performance of all employees.

With customer satisfaction at the center, cloud technology is improving lives by making customer communication effective and relevant, helping companies serve better –to create happy and loyal customers, leading to more business at the end of the funnel.

If you are thinking about creating an impressive customer communication model by using cutting-edge technology, look no further. Office24by7 has a proven track record of transforming the entire communication process of companies for the better. Dial +917097171717 or email us at for a free demo from our consultants.

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