Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions

by Nov 22, 2017Cloud Telephony

Business happens with communication. Undoubtedly, SMB’s and enterprises are stepping forward from the traditional phone systems to the advanced Cloud Solutions. The Cloud Telephony is an innovative technology that automates the business communication making instantly accessible round the clock.

In accordance with Organization’s needs, below Cloud Solutions are operative in Office24by7:

With this, organization can endorse and track communication and functionalities of all employees of all departments on a single interface.


Benefits of Cloud Telephony

With high certainty, we emphasize that the listed benefits are advantageous for start-ups to adhere the Cloud Telephony:


Generally, On-premises solutions are precisely designed for vast set-ups or companies beholding vast operations. For start-ups,Office24by7’s Cloud Services are efficiently scalable to meet any future growth of the organization.It permits to add any number of new users, groups, and Virtual Numbers instantly. We give provision to scale up to any extent from Cloud to On-premises and vice versa.

Price effective integrated system

Irrespective of business type, Office24by7 offers cost effective Cloud Telephony Solutions. We permit organizations to purchase plans as per the requirements and the offered services are customizable in tailoring varied features. All the services provided by Office24by7 are cloud leveraged, thus fixing up issues and nullifying them with 24/7 support.

Data Security

Data is crucial for any business. Hence, indeed data to be protected with extravagant attributes. This is why we strictly adhere to policies and compliance in securing data of our clients beholding their trust at any cost. Office24by7’s Cloud Solutions are created with high-end firewalls and absolute encryption methods for securing data. Such type of high-security cloud servers setting up On-premises is also flexible. With Cloud Solutions, all the communication and customer call database are stored on to Cloud servers which are technically updated with the set of policies, technological innovations and controls, to protect data, applications, and associated information. Once after moving to cloud, offers flexibility of accessing data from any part of the globe.


Telecom validations, hardware expansion, software installation, updates, internet bandwidth are highly essential for smooth running of operations and functionalities. Such enforcement’s are expensive, time consuming in case of individual initiation and is also admitted having an upper hand in prescribing down times. But being associated with Office24by7, minimizes the down time as well equipped with redundant set up’s. Similarly, start-ups, moving to cloud-based infrastructure and accessing organization communication, can expect maximum up time.

Analytical Reports

We have incepted our UI uniting unique features more than a Cloud Telephony platform providing high probability of integration’s to any platform and applications. Our solution provides transparency of all business communications in real time with deep analytical insights missing not a potential call and prospective lead. It enables you to witness your agent’s performance, activities, and communication from anywhere, anyplace and at any point in time.

Instant Activation

Office24by7’s Cloud Solutions are molded with advanced technological features which do not get affected by the environment and feasible processes that take time. All the solutions are made available online for instant activation upon purchase that in turn configurable to varied service by tailoring features in maintaining consistent presence. So, organizations could resolve their customer issues swiftly in no time.

24by7 Support

No matter of the outside niches, your business is never going to be affected with Cloud Solutions. It validates employees and customer satisfaction levels. We are available at every step of your business progress rendering 24by7 support towards success foot prints.

Office24by7’s SMART IVR and Smart Operator solutions permit businesses to automate the Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Management Solutions with varied features that can activate instantly streamlining the office communications.

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