How Does Hosted IVR Provider Help Improve Business Efficiency?

by Nov 9, 2017IVR

IVR – Interactive Voice Response is a prominent tool for a business to create brand awareness in the form of a self-help tool from the customer’s standpoint. Today, the importance of a hosted IVR provider in a business has increased as it provides customer engagement and customer service without human intervention.  However, a user-friendly and customized solution for handling increased call volume with a professional touch is an added advantage.

Office24by7’s SMART IVR is an automated personalized voice response system that saves time on manual call forwarding by connecting callers to their favorable endpoints. It is efficient in routing high call volume to definite destinations with several options to choose from.

Office24by7’s hosted IVR solutions come with the following flexible features:

  • Flexible and intelligent call routing system
  • Systematic programming through a user-friendly interface
  • Multilevel IVRS
  • Feedback IVRS
  • Audio store
  • Sticky agent
  • Voice mail Integrations
  • Call forwarding feature
  • Programmable extensions
  • Post call survey
  • Announcement
  • Furnished APIs to integrate third-party tools
  • Real-time analytics

An increased customer base is the best thing that comes to your business while introducing such an on-premise or hosted IVR provider. It is state-of-the-art in engaging customers, allowing you to record personalized voice messages or upload custom audio files instantly. This solution funnels the callers into logical groups before routing them to agents. In addition to fluctuations like business hours, holidays, staff, or anything else, an IVR Solution routes call in the best possible way to miss not a potential opportunity, providing an effective solution for customer engagement and reducing business expenses.

Vice versa, when the customer cannot find the right path, with just a press, a telephonic session with a live agent is an unfolded reality. Also, IVR hosting helps your customers with a Sticky Agent feature, allowing them to interact with the same agent for swift resolutions.

SMART IVR solution is scalable, redundant, easy to implement, and customizable as it is configured through a single Virtual number without a physical existence.  It is efficient with zero downtime, tied with multiple, un-paralleled redundant servers and backup efficiency.

When it comes to metrics, the IVR solution serves best with an ability to track high call volume, call origin, time frame, agent, and time of the day schedule to handle the call peak hours. The real-time status of calls allows tracking agent performance and productivity, reducing average call handling time and first call resolutions because of the well-framed flexible features. 

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