Why Do You Need a Landing Page Builder?

by Jun 14, 2019Marketing CRM

The best way to attract a customer is to showcase your products or services. There can’t be any better way to gain the attention than to design an appealing ad whether it is for digital media or to the traditional. If it is for the latter, you have agencies to get it done for you. But, what if it is for digital media? Well, nowadays, technological innovations have inspired even the smallest businesses to aim for a digital space. For that, with a whole lot of hard-work one would create a website to get visitors. But what if you don’t have tools to capture visitor’s attention and to convert them into leads? This is where a landing page, email template, a registration form or an ad comes to your aid to convert every visitor into a lead.

Now, you must be pondering why do we require a landing page, a registration form or an Email template when we have a full-fledged, information loaded website, right? True, that’s expected; but the website lists all that a company has done, built or do in general only. It lacks the focus to grab the viewers’ attention, to make them sign up to purchase. You require a specific page or a template to that for you. Landing pages, registration forms, and readily available Email template do it for you in an intelligent way.

It takes a web designer or a tech-savvy person to create an appealing ad or a landing page.  For businesses, it requires resources for building it on HTML or WordPress, etc. What should you do?

Here’s a solution, a comprehensive solution for all the landing pages, ads, and Email designing requirements.

If you are planning to create a landing page, or templates or forms or ads or any other for your business quickly with very little resources. Then yes, we can help. We have got Smart Builder – a tool or service or functionality or a feature or what not which helps to create amazing things in a fraction.


Office24by7’s Smart Builder

Smart builder, known as landing page builder and ad builder in the market terminology. The uniqueness of Smart builder is that it helps businesses to create all the above said. Instead of spending weeks and instead of purchasing different builders, Smart Builder can be a stand-alone platform that can simplify the process. The features are limitless, as it is provisioned with hundreds of default templates and necessary tools to create one as desired, so as to save business house time, energies and to as a sunroof to drive conversions.

landing page builder

Why Landing Page Builder?

Landing Page Builder allows you to create customized landing pages, ads, and templates without the need to write code. All necessary technical tools to incorporate images, text and more to the template are provisioned. Even, personalized CTA buttons can be included as per your industry type. It ensures easy integrations with your domain.

Ads are aimed to grab the visitor’s attention. Hence it needs to be informative with a right CTA button (call-to-action) to guide the visitors to sign up or to reach your business for purchase.

Choose a template of your choice and edit it as required to convey your marketing message effectively. Simply drag and drop to create designs, add multiple buttons, icons and images to make it appealing enough to catch hold of visitor’s attention to convert into leads. All the templates deployed are responsive and cater to all screen sizes as the codes get in place as soon as you choose a template.

Additionally, the builder ads are engrossed across social marketing platforms easily just by adding clickable social media buttons which can be linked to your social platforms right away.

Customize your forms, leaving space for the information that you wish to get from your customers. Also, push your viewers to the next stage of conversion cycle by enabling them to view ads on different parts of the page or let them visualize through clickable pop-ups. Integrate your form with an OTP to judge the level of customer interest towards your business.

responsive landing page builder

Use A/B testing to get deeper insights and improvise your marketing campaign efficiency.

Real-time analytics to empower your team to keep a track of visitors and to act based on their online behavior. Enhance your marketing strategy and optimize conversion ratios.

Landing Page Builder also know as Landing Page Creator makes it easy for the business to set up a simple yet efficient lead capturing page. It never allows you to wait for hours and days, rather creates your form or landing page in minutes.

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