Importance of Lead Routing and Lead Distribution in the Sales Growth

Have you ever imagined that everyone you talk to turn into a prospective customer to your business?

Well, wouldn’t that sound like a dream run for a fat growth?

Yes, there are better ways and means to engage your prospects and public in general to realize the sales goals of your company.

It is definitely over ambitious to expect every prospect to whom we speak to converting into a lead. But studies reveal when reached out on the right time to the leads there is 10 times more chance of converting it into sales. Even then so many companies lag behind when it comes sales growth.

There are a number of challenges that interfere with the sales process down the lane. The challenges include leads belonging to different geographical location, varying interests and requirements, or often, the number of leads are too many that the sales personnel find it difficult to organize and prioritize, etc.

If you are too facing this, there’s no need to panic.

In fact, it is a common issue when it comes to lead management. There is a way to overcome this problem. The way being the Automatic Lead Routing and Lead Distribution methods.

What is Lead Routing and Lead Distribution?

Lead routing is a process where the leads will get assigned to sales reps automatically. Leads are captured from various marketing sources like chat, website, landing page, social media, digital events, emails, Virtual number, etc. Once the leads are captured, lead routing methods checks for the lead source and other prerequisites as defined which is then labelled with status, priority and leads score for classification and allocates it to the sales reps without any leakage based on the predefined rules as set by the company.

The Lead routing methods can be pre-defined as required by the industry types. Captured leads can be routed based on lead source, date and time, sales rep’s expertise, geography or on any other conditions as customized by the organization. The routed lead then needs to be distributed to agents.

Lead distribution is a process of ensuring all the generated and captured leads are assigned to relevant sales personnel automatically. The lead distribution rules see to it that the leads are distributed either equally or priority based. A good lead management tool should allow you to customize routing and distribution of leads to route and assign it to the right sales team automatically.

Distribution Methods

Round – Robin:

This method will ensure that the routed leads are assigned automatically to sales reps on an equal number in a circular order one after the other.


You can set priority rules based on source or other custom options and assign the leads automatically to the defined sales reps.

How to select a good lead distribution tool?

While you select a lead distribution tool or a sales CRM with auto lead distribution, you should look for the following functions and features for the efficient and effective lead organization.

As soon as a lead gets captured, it has to be routed and distributed automatically as defined to the concerned team without the manual intervention of a manager or supervisor. The manual assignment process takes time and is impractical when thousands of leads pour into your company.

It is not only about assigning leads, but the process should also be efficient enough to distribute the leads based on various criteria. The system should make sure that the leads can be distributed based on source, location, skills and many other criteria as required.

The system should ensure equal or priority based distribution of leads amongst a particular team of the same skill set.

As soon as the lead gets assigned, it should get notified to the available agents and the reporting managers to ensure that the due response has been initiated and all necessary actions are taken.

Lead tracking along the sales funnel is essential as the lead’s journey does not get completed until assignment.

One size does not fit all. Likewise, defined routing and distribution rules might not fit for all industry types. Hence, the platform must ensure customizable options as required by the company.

Still, if you are manually assigning leads to your sales team then you should consider one to make your process simpler yet efficient.

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