The Best Outbound Call Center Software in India

Grow your customer outreach capabilities with the best outbound call center software in India.

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#1 Outbound Call Center Software in India - At Your Fingertips

Place outbound calls to customers with a single click using advanced cloud call center solutions.

Inbound Call Center

Office24by7’s outbound call center software in India is not just limited to making outward calls. Leverage our platform to enable customers to call you, and direct those incoming calls to the right divisions. Our advanced IVR services help route inbound calls without any manual intervention. It can also help you with managing call transfers, recording calls, and accessing the complete call history with any lead. You can integrate our outbound call center software with third-party CRM systems to explore its full potential.

Outbound Call Center

If you’re wondering where to get all the advanced features like virtual numbers, IVR, call forwarding methods, call routing techniques, dialer methods, agent CTI, comprehensive reports, etc., you’re at the right place. Our outbound call center in India has all these features and more, facilitating a smooth sales process in your organization. Easily set up outbound call campaigns and integrate with other CRMs. Track every class efficiently, enhance your agents’ performance, and achieve an advanced level of communication automation.

Blended Call Center

Activate both inbound and outbound call center software in India to get the best cloud telephony services and leverage the power of seamless communication and marketing automation. Route inbound calls to appropriate departments and agents. Our outbound calling solutions also help you make outgoing calls using the variety of dialers available on our platform. Integrate our contact center solutions with additional services such as call patching solutions, audio & video conferencing software, and CRM systems to make the best out of your resources.

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Make Your Conversations Fruitful With the Top Outbound Call Center Software in India

The all-in-one outbound call center software in India facilitates your outreach campaigns with the industry’s best features.

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Customer Service Solutions

Office24by7 understands that every business needs to manage customer service efficiently. Our outbound call center software in India, featuring IVR call centers and skill-based routing, is crafted to enhance customer service quality. Partner with Office24by7, the premier contact center provider, and achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Sales Call Center

Our highly acclaimed outbound call center software in India streamlines your sales team’s calling process. Sales representatives can easily start outbound calls with a single click, utilizing our automatic dialer to seamlessly connect with customers. Additionally, our software meticulously tracks every call your reps make, providing comprehensive monitoring and boosting productivity.

Debt Collection Center

Provide your agents with the best automated dialers that allow them to easily contact the debtors for debt collection. Use our advanced call solution to boost the real-time connection between agents and debtors. Equip your agents with automated dialers that allow them to contact debtors effortlessly with just one click. Our outbound call center software in India also ensures transparency and operational efficiency by enabling managers to track agents’ performance and call histories.

Technical Support Center

Improve customer experience and build trust in your brand by offering omnichannel support with our cloud contact center software. Connect with customers across various platforms, consolidating all support interactions into a single dashboard for easy access and management. With our outbound call center software in India, every customer interaction, regardless of the channel, is monitored and managed from one unified dashboard, enhancing communication and streamlining service delivery.

Enhance Your Productivity With the Best Outbound Call Center Software in India

Discover the top-notch features of our contact center solution.

On-Premise or Cloud

Our outbound call center software in India is hosted on the cloud to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Multi-Level IVR

Our call center solutions enable self-service options for customers through single or multi-level IVR.

Queue Management

Deploy efficient queue management techniques to reduce caller wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

Routing Calls

Route the calls to different agents using our call center software features as needed.

Call Distribution

The smart call distribution techniques of the top outbound call center software in India enhance client satisfaction.

Agent CTI

Equip agents with an effective dashboard to handle calls, view call history, improve communication, manage leads, and more.

Call Transfer

Facilitate smooth internal call transfers among team members using IP PBX and EPBX systems.


Boost your communication strategy by conducting conference calls with multiple team members simultaneously.

Unified Communication

Engage customers through multiple platforms from a single dashboard in the outbound call center software in India.

Auto Dialer

Automate your calling process with just a click using options like preview, predictive, or progressive dialers.

Call Recordings & Logs

Store and access complete call recordings with your leads, all in one place with the best outbound call center software in India.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor every agent’s activities and progress in real-time with our sophisticated outbound call center software in India.

Live Call Monitoring

Ensure quality and compliance by monitoring agents’ live conversations with customers using our cloud contact center.

Contact Management

No.1 outbound call center software in India to efficiently manage your contacts with our cloud call center solutions.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems to place or accept calls directly within the software, eliminating the need to switch systems.

Mobile App

Take your call center with you during field sales with our mobile app, enabling you to stay connected anywhere.

Customer Feedback

Quickly and easily gather customers’ feedback on your services with the post-call feedback system in outbound call center software in India.

Reports & Dashboards

Gain insightful analytics and oversee performance with comprehensive reports on call center metrics and KPIs.


Place calls easily from within the CRM with our integrated click-to-call solutions in the outbound call center software in India.

Virtual Number

Manage outbound calls using a business virtual number, providing a professional touch and maintaining consistency across communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outbound call center software or solutions are designed to effectively manage outbound calls, enabling easy access to call recordings and performance monitoring. This software also includes key features such as call transfer, call distribution, and agent CTI. These functionalities enhance the efficiency of call center operations, streamline communication processes, and improve the management of customer interactions.

Office24by7 stands out as one of the best outbound call center software solutions in India, offering exceptional features and outstanding customer service. With its comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize outbound calling processes, it helps businesses enhance efficiency, improve caller satisfaction, and drive successful outcomes.

A cloud-based solution for call centers allows companies to forgo traditional hardware equipment, as all calls can be conducted through mobile devices using a virtual number. This system ensures seamless integration and storage of call data within CRM software, facilitating easy access to vital information and enhancing communication processes. By leveraging this setup, companies can significantly reduce infrastructure costs and streamline operations.

Migrating your call center to the cloud is an effective way to enhance your service operations and optimize your call center processes. Leading outbound call center software in India, such as Office24by7, facilitates this transition smoothly, allowing you to leverage advanced features and capabilities that improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Hosted contact center solutions are particularly advantageous for startups, as they streamline customer service communications and offer a scalable method to manage interactions efficiently. These solutions allow companies to focus on growth and maintain robust customer support without the heavy initial investment in infrastructure typically required.

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is an automated system that allows users to access self-service options by calling a provided virtual number. This technology enables callers to navigate through menus and perform various tasks without the need for direct human interaction.

The outbound call center software in India is cloud-hosted and integrated with a CRM solution to optimize operations. Outgoing calls, can be efficiently made using a preview, predictive, or progressive dialer, and are placed through a virtual number. This ensures a streamlined and effective communication process.

CRM software simplifies operations in call centers by streamlining tasks such as placing, receiving, queuing, recording, and forwarding calls, among other functionalities. This integration enhances efficiency and improves the overall effectiveness of customer service interactions.

Call centers leverage cloud telephony software to improve their operations significantly. Office24by7 stands out as one of the top providers of outbound call center software in India, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance communication efficiency and customer service effectiveness.

  • Inbound queries
  • Outbound marketing
  • Raising support tickets
  • Customer care
  • Booking services, and many more.

An outbound call center is designed to initiate calls to customers, serving primarily for marketing purposes. These centers are also used for gathering feedback, generating leads, conducting surveys, etc. Outbound call centers help businesses engage with their customer base, expand their market reach, and enhance customer relationships.

An inbound call center is dedicated to handling calls initiated by customers who contact an organization for assistance. Agents in these centers are tasked with answering incoming calls, responding to customer inquiries, addressing issues, providing support, and resolving any concerns that customers may present.

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