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Professionals benefitting from Office24by7's top-tier IVR solutions in Delhi

Are you one of those businesses located in Delhi finding it difficult to provide a top-quality call center for your customers at affordable rates? Or are you thinking of setting up an efficient call system to address all customer calls in a heavy-traffic area like Delhi NCR? You have come to the right place. Read more and understand how you can benefit from Interactive Voice Response solutions or the best IVR solutions in Delhi from Office24by7 which is one of the best providers of cloud-based call center technology and top-of-the-class IVR functionality. 

Whatever be the size of your business or its segment, purchasing the best IVR solutions in Delhi is a must-deploy strategy. In metropolitan areas like Delhi NCR, it is very common for call center operations to get stuck. However large the customer base is, you will not be able to set up infrastructure or provide the end agents to them when they expand. Here is where IVR solutions come into play.

Deploying IVR solutions in Delhi enables customers to easily connect, self-navigate to their required segments, cut down waiting times, reduce call drops exponentially, improve call distribution, and also promote various outbound activities like IVR alerts, notifications, and surveys all effective for businesses of any segments.

How can IVR solutions in Delhi help businesses? 

Let’s look at some of the most important IVR features that can be of great ROI for your company in the Delhi region. 

IVR for Welcome Message

When customers call for your services using your virtual number just think of how monotonous and timid the generic dialer tune will be. Don’t have a virtual number? Try Office24by7 Virtual Number services today! Play something cool or tailored for your customers as a welcome message for a great first impression. An IVR greeting helps you create the desired brand impression. Create your public image for your brand through IVR solutions in Delhi.

24/7 Call Center Services 

IVR solutions in Delhi enable you to keep your business open 24/7. This becomes a strategic resource for your call center solutions as it keeps the business running even when it is physically impossible. The use of IVR in off-duty hours and off-season are some prime examples of this. A great example of how IVR solutions in Delhi can make exceptional value for businesses and other services is its extensive use during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Multi-language IVR

Using Office24by7 IVR solutions in Delhi you can deploy IVR systems for customers in multiple languages. You can customize your IVR menus in different regional and international languages for your customer’s convenience. You can also include local area languages so that even those who do not know English or are unable to use a chatbot can communicate with your business. This is how IVR solutions in Delhi become a high ROI strategy to implement.  

IVR for Incoming Call Distribution

You can now use an IVR system to create a better and more effective incoming call distribution system. Using the best IVR solutions in Delhi you can manage calls via routing and transferring them to free agents who are the right point of contact for any of your customer’s specific requirements. Customers no longer need to wait for their calls to get transferred to the correct agent or to the correct department, they can self-navigate to their desire. This also ensures that they no longer need to wait in large queues to connect to an available agent. 

IVR Integration with CRM

Another important fact that the IVR solutions in Delhi provide its businesses is its ease of integration with CRM software. Not all IVR solutions provide this facility to easily integrate. Using the best IVR solutions in Delhi from Office24by7 you can now easily integrate your cloud call system with your existing CRM software. This helps your agents to identify and record call audio and notes for that particular customer so that all of their past interactions are accounted for. Don’t have a CRM software? Try Office24by7 CRM Suite now! 

IVR for Effective Customer Support Automation

Cloud call center operations using IVR solutions in Delhi help enhance your customer-facing departments. A large portion of your customer queries can consist of simple and repetitive queries. You can use our IVR to answer your customers frequently asked questions. Thus it helps to cut down this large flow of calls as well as the time the agents would require to resolve their concerns. You can also set up a really good IVR menu that provides basic profile/account information.

For customer support automation activities, IVR solutions in Delhi can also be configured to provide outbound calls for alerts and notifications. Using it you can send out alerts regarding financial transactions or unregistered account accesses. You can also establish transparency regarding service updates like confirmations and transactions. It also helps you to get connected with your customers with updates on service tickets. 

IVR for Marketing 

In a region like Delhi where there is a lot of competition, you will need to employ a variety of marketing strategies. An outbound marketing call that provides information for your potential customers is an important use of IVR solutions in Delhi. 

Segregate your target customers based on their region, language, or area of interest. Create a captivating outbound IVR call and reach your target customers effectively by sorting them based on their region or area of interest. 

IVR for Surveys and Feedback

Customer satisfaction is a highly valued metric looked into by great businesses. You need to understand how good your product/service is, how good your customer support is, and how good your customer satisfaction is. Rather than manually dialing in your customers to get their input, you can use IVR solutions in Delhi. Create your custom survey form using the IVR menu and get customer feedback through DTMF inputs. 

Important Statistics

  • The IVR market is expected to grow 7.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), and  Asia-Pacific is expected to be at its peak.
  • The rising trend in integrating speech recognition into businesses globally predicts its market to reach $31 billion by 2025.
  • 91% of customer retention rates were observed for businesses that used omnichannel engagement techniques.
  • 68% of customers prefer IVR systems instead of calling a toll-free number and waiting in queues to get their concerns sorted.
  • More than 60% of businesses report that enhancing IVR systems results in low call abandonment rates.

Are IVR solutions in Delhi good for your company?

Let’s look at how IVR solutions in Delhi fit various industries:

IVR for Real Estate Industry

Property Pricing and Financing: Realtors can provide details like property features, locations, mortgage rates, down payment requirements, and estimated monthly payments using IVR solutions in Delhi.

Voice Message for Realtors: IVR systems can help potential clients leave a voice message for their real estate agents. This enables agents to get back to these numbers. 

Pre-Launch Property Information Hotline: Outbound IVR calls can broadcast information about the property to a curated list of leads. Reduce resource and time expenditure by using the IVR solutions in Delhi to streamline scheduling site visits—address inquiries about agreement clauses and contract terms, requests for abstracts and audits, and more.

IVR for Hospitals

Appointments: IVR solutions in Delhi can help ease the admission procedure by collecting details of patients, like their names via text-to-speech, age, phone number, and desired doctor category. Provide patients with a token number on their preferred date and available time.

Obtaining Health Statements: Inbound IVR regenerates medical reports, lab reports, test results, and proper dosage instructions to the patient’s registered email address or phone number based on a unique patient code.

Feedback Collection: Gather patient feedback using customer surveys and feedback tools about their experiences through an outbound IVR, aiding in quality improvement efforts. Callers can use the IVR to register complaints or report issues and other Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs). IVR solutions in Delhi can also guide patients through filing insurance claims.

Prescription refill/ Restock reminders: Outbound IVR calls can be made to those patients who, based on the purchase date and number of pills purchased, might finish their course in the next 24 hours. IVR solutions in Delhi can also notify patients about further checkups, medication refills, periodic medical administrations, and restocked medications.

IVR for Commercial Businesses

Order Management: Perform B2B and B2C tasks like placing orders, initiating a return/refund, checking the delivery status of previous orders, checking the refund status, etc.

Feedback Collection: Confirmation of purchase of deliverables like for Cash on Delivery orders via an outbound IVR to their registered mobile number. Collect customer satisfaction rates and service ratings provided by the customer within 24 hours of product delivery.

Payment Reminders: Companies can alert customers about pending, upcoming, or missed payments through outbound IVR. 

IVR for Service Sector Industries

Schedule Appointments: Local area services like carpenters, personal groomers, pet care, etc., can provide inbound Interactive Voice Response Software for their customers. This helps customers make hassle-free appointments. An outbound call for appointment reminders or confirmation can also be provided. 

DIY Phone-Mentor: Enterprises can set up an IVR channel as a support forum for their clients. These IVRs can provide DIY phone mentorship apart from other usually seen services. A DIY phone mentor is a portal that helps customers reach out to businesses for basic step-by-step instructions on using their products or services.

Ticket booking: Restaurants and theaters can offer table or seat booking, ordering snacks, and feedback intake using IVR telephony services. Using a debit card or credit card number based on the type of service, restaurants, and theaters can confirm the identity and authenticity of the service.

IVR or Banks and Financial Sectors

Account creation/updation process: Banks can provide a facility for new users to create fresh accounts in their local branch by dialing the IVR number and dialing in details like a unique identification number, KYC details, etc. Phone number verification via OTP and account number generation can be done on-call.    

Account details, verification, and PIN generation: IVR services provided by Banks can help customers check their account statements and credit/debit card balances, generate new pins, make online transactions, etc.  

Scheme-related process: Connect with banks, insurance companies, or other financial institutions to learn about the current and fresh schemes they provide. After listening to details regarding each scheme, clients can register or book an appointment with their representative. They can also select options to check their premium details, claim details, and other balances. 

Payments reminders: Loan reminders, credit card bill reminders, and other payment notifications can be made to customers via efficient debt management systems

IVR for Ed-Tech Industry

Student Enrollment Process: Enable essential registration for students over inbound IVR. They can enter their personal details, course preferences, and payment information over the dialpad.

Share important notifications: Important dates and timings, information regarding assignments, exams, etc., can also be shared via outbound calls. Reminders and notification calls for payment and course program updates can also be shared via outbound calls. Calls regarding feature up-sales and cross-sales can also be deployed via outbound IVR.

Schedule Appointments: Parents can schedule telephone call appointments with teachers to discuss the health and orientation of the ward.

Collect Feedback: Outbound IVR calls can collect feedback from students and parents about their experiences with the platform, courses, and teachers. Automated surveys through IVR can also help gather insights for improvements.

Payment Reminders: Upcoming and pending payment reminders can be shared with customers via outbound IVR calls.

9 Clever strategies for efficient IVR Campaigns In Delhi 

Now, let’s look at some strategies that can be followed while creating your IVR campaign in the Delhi area. 

1. Define Clear Objectives: Start by identifying the specific goals of the campaign and what you intend to achieve from IVR solutions in Delhi. Provide customer support, gather feedback, conduct surveys? What do you want to achieve? Don’t forget to research the FAQs. 

2. Keep It Simple: Keep menus and options straightforward to avoid confusion. Keep the language and prompts simple and short.

3. Menu Structure: Keep it organized logically. Make it easy for customers in your Delhi area to understand the root of their current level. 

4. Professional Voice Recording: Use high-quality professional voices that match the brand image for IVR voiceovers.

5. Offer a Live Agent: Always offer the function of talking to a live agent. This helps to prevent customer frustration by going through the menu. 

6. Personalization: If your database has caller information integrated try personalizing the welcome greeting by addressing callers with their names. 

7. Monitor Call Analytics: Analytics like call volume, drop-off rates, and user behavior are valuable insights for improvement while considering improving and expanding similar campaigns in the future.

8. Regularly Update Information: Keep your IVR solutions in Delhi up-to-date, with accurate information.

9. Test and Optimize: IVR solutions in Delhi like all others should be continuously tested to identify pain points and areas for improvement. Use caller feedback and analytics to refine the IVR flow.

Find Your Perfect IVR Solutions in Delhi

We’re experts in virtual phone numbers, inbound call centers, and outbound call centers in Delhi, and we know how important it is to find the right IVR for your business. Here’s what to consider:

  • Easily Scalable: Make sure the IVR can handle your current call volume and future growth.
  • Highly Customizable: Look for an IVR that lets you personalize call flow, voice prompts, and integrations seamlessly.
  • Safe and Secure: Security is crucial! Choose an IVR provider with strong data protection measures.
  • Reports and Analytics: Pick IVR solutions in Delhi that provide detailed reports so you can see how it’s performing and make adjustments.

By embracing IVR, you can streamline operations, keep customers happy, and give your call center a major power-up!  Blended call center solutions with IVR and other communication tools are the future, and it’s a future where your call center can truly shine.  So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the power of IVR solutions in Delhi and watch your business grow!

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