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by May 18, 2019Communication Automation

Best click-to-call service | Office24by7

Cloud telephony technologies revolutionized the way business communications are undertaken. Most communication operations related to inbound and outbound calls got automated to a great extent. Now with minimum human intervention, accuracy and productivity are far higher. Other changes business communication has witnessed over the years include automatic call routing and lead engagement through multichannel communication. If there is any feature that has transformed customer engagement over the years, it should be the Click-to-Call (CTC) service. The click-to-call technology made reaching out to the organization and customers instantaneous.

What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-call, alternatively referred to as click-to-dial, is a technology-driven lead generation tool. It converts the web traffic into voice connections using VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol). A click-to-call software places a button strategically on the website or mobile app, often with a hyperlink to the number to be dialed. A visitor can reach out to the business from the website directly by clicking on the widget. Ideally, the right CTC provides instant voice connectivity, but organizations can leave a voice message of acknowledgment and reach out to the caller at their convenience. The same click-to-call software is also useful in outbound calls, where your sales representative or customer care executive can initiate an outbound call with the click-to-dial on a click.

Why is Click-to-Call Important?

Click-to-call software solves one of the complex problems of converting internet traffic into leads and customers. Lead nurturing is a time-consuming process, even if automated. Click-to-call brings high-quality leads as people looking for the services or products only try to reach out. It also indicates that the visitor or caller is in the last stages of completing the sales. The organization can also route the inbound call from the click-to-dial to the right agent. The conversion chances of click-to-call leads are higher. Websites use the VOIP to initiate the call. Mobile devices use the network to make calls, and call charges are levied as per the plan or tariff. In the age of the internet and mobile internet penetration, click-to-call software has a huge potential to generate high-quality leads. The click-to-call button is inevitable in various marketing collaterals, including campaigns and promotions.

Benefits of Click-to-Call

First of all, click-to-call makes it easy for customers to reach you, thus leading to increased customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is critical for repeat sales and retention. It also increases online sales, helping customers overcome their reluctance to approach as it is relatively easy to call. In addition, click-to-call technology reduces the efforts and increases the sales velocity. Click-to-call leads can be pushed into the sales cycle with tailored solutions with the contact details captured during the first call. Furthermore, click-to-dial improves the agents’ performance in the outbound sales call centers. Overall, CTC helps to deliver the best customer experience in engaging the leads and customers to build trust and brand loyalty.

Best Click-to-Call Service

Office24by7 is a leading cloud-based communication solutions provider, offering a wide range of services, including click-to-call, IVR, call center software, and more. Office24by7’s click-to-call software makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers and prospects with just a click of a button. Office24by7’s CTC service is highly reliable and scalable, making it ideal and the best click-to-call service for businesses of all sizes. It offers several features that can help businesses improve their customer engagement and lead generation, such as:

  • Customizable click-to-call buttons can be placed on websites, landing pages, and applications.
  • Real-time call analytics to track and measure the performance of click-to-call campaigns.
  • API integration with third-party CRM systems and other tools to enable CTC functionality.

Office24by7’s click-to-call service helps businesses in various industries, including real estate, e-commerce, healthcare, and education, to improve customer engagement and lead generation. Overall, Office24by7 is a trusted and reliable service provider that can help businesses generate click-to-call leads to enhance their sales processes.

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