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CRM-Knowlarity Integration | Office24by7

Effective customer communication stands as the cornerstone of success for any business. In an era where customer expectations are rapidly growing and competition is tight, businesses find it challenging to maintain seamless communication across various touchpoints. Knowlarity, a cloud-based communication system, equips organizations with a suite of tools ranging from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and call center solutions to click-to-call functionality. Knowlarity integration with an efficient CRM can leverage these tools to elevate communication experiences, enabling businesses to reach, interact, and understand their customers with unprecedented precision.

Throughout this article, we will explore the many benefits of Knowlarity integration. We will also delve into the features of Knowlarity, how to improve Sales CRM software efficiency with Knowlarity, and the future aspects of this integration. This article will be a comprehensive guide for organizations looking to leverage the potential of unified customer communication and relationship management through Knowlarity CRM integration.

Key Features of Knowlarity

Integrating robust communication technologies into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences in a customer-centric business landscape. The advanced communication features and solutions offered by Knowlarity are leveraged by businesses to collaborate, communicate, and improve return on investment (ROI). They gain strategic insights for improved business decisions to stay ahead of the curve. It offers a way to improve CRM efficiency and redefine how organizations interact with their clientele. Let’s take a look at the array of features offered by Knowlarity, designed to enhance communication:

Cloud Contact Center

Knowlarity’s cloud contact center serves businesses to improve and modernize their call center operation with several features that make business communication systems more organized and efficient with minimal infrastructure requirements. It provides advanced features like call recording, call routing, concurrent calls, sticky agents, mobile app access, and international call numbers. The call recording facility offered by the cloud contact center helps the organization conduct efficient training for the agents. It also ensures the quality of sales by enabling call monitoring, call whispering, and call barging, and increases the chance of winning deals. Knowlarity also offers the facility to forward calls to agents’ mobile numbers, eliminating the requirement for an office setup and saving a lot of investment in hardware.

Virtual Number

Businesses can enhance real-time customer engagement with virtual number service. This feature allows organizations to route incoming customer calls to their preferred agents based on predefined filters. Since virtual phone numbers are hosted on the cloud and do not require physical infrastructure like phone devices, it allows easy redirection and call routing to various devices, locations, and phone numbers. This also helps businesses to project a local presence in different regions, fostering trust and accessibility among customers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

The IVR solution offered by Knowlarity uses pre-recorded voice messages and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to help businesses automate customer interactions for inbound and outbound calls. IVR, along with automation of call routing, ensures that customers are swiftly directed to the right department or agent, thereby reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction. The solution is affordable, easy to set up, and helps businesses to generate more leads by streamlining their communication system. 

Number Masking

Customers are often concerned about their privacy while establishing communication with businesses. Knowlarity’s number masking feature helps make anonymous communication between customers and businesses, safeguarding the phone numbers of both parties. While calling, instead of displaying the caller’s phone number, a proxy number is displayed on the receiver’s device via a third-party proxy number, bridging the call. Call masking solutions help customers feel safe about their privacy and increase their confidence in the brand.

Lead Management

The voice-calling solution offered by Knowlarity simplifies the lead management process by enabling businesses to automate lead generation. This empowers the sales team to gather customer information and cultivate potential leads, enhancing the entire sales journey. Customer service support agents or telecallers also benefit by being able to reach out to customers at any time and from any location. The lead management solution can be integrated easily into any CRM software and activated with flexible pricing options.

Missed Call

The cloud-powered missed call solution by Knowlarity allows customers to place a missed call to any company, following which agents can get back to them with an automated or manual response. Using this solution, organizations can run simultaneous campaigns and gain a comprehensive analysis of them. Missed call solutions expand the market reach, as potential customers prefer this free channel for engagement. Missed call services are non-intrusive, respecting users’ choice to opt in on their terms. This audience is more likely to be receptive, having already expressed an interest in hearing from the company. The user-friendly nature of Knowlarity’s cloud telephony allows customers to connect with the agents conveniently. 

Toll-Free Number

Knowlarity’s toll-free number solution integrates with your CRM easily, offers a real-time dashboard that keeps you updated on call logs and recordings, and enables deeper insights. This allows you to maintain optimal performance of customer service. Beyond just providing a toll-free number, Knowlarity also presents an interactive voice response (IVR) functionality. The toll-free number facility, clubbed with Knowlarity’s IVR feature, efficiently addresses customer inquiries through a multi-level menu, facilitating smooth interactions. 

Automated Outbound Calling

Automated outbound calling streamlines the sales process, allowing agents to dial numbers swiftly, delivering pitches and information, and greatly enhancing sales productivity. Consequently, the sales lifecycle is simplified, enabling sales representatives to meet user needs effectively. This service offers a range of benefits, including enhanced sales efficiency, conversion tracking, and personalization of conversations with user demographics and needs. It also includes callback reminder features, eliminating the need for manual tracking and follow-up sheets. With streamlined processes and personalized interactions, Knowlarity’s automated outbound calling can enhance marketing ROI.


Embedding Knowlarity’s click-to-call functionality on websites and apps allows customers to initiate calls directly with a single click, reducing friction and enhancing engagement. It can be easily integrated into the calling widget on a website or a mobile app. The click-to-call feature, when combined with Knowlarity’s IVR menu, call recording, call routing, and other features, could help track every lead with ease of access and offer quick connectivity between agents and new prospects with a single click. With effective CRM software in place, Knowlarity’s API can be seamlessly integrated to enable the click-to-call functionality by which customers can view the call button widget. The call is routed through the server connecting both ends – the caller and the receiver by clicking on the widget.

Softphone with WebRTC & MPLS

The softphone landing solution helps embed WebRTC into web-based applications and reduces network congestion & scale communication on a secured network. It also helps establish MPLS to aid businesses in switching from on-premise to cloud for inbound/outbound voice calls via the internet with the same contact center features. It offers attributes like click-to-call, HD voice quality, and seamless connectivity via web communication.

Knowlarity additional features | Office24by7

Auto Dialer

Knowlarity enhances agent productivity through Progressive and Predictive Dialers, which are components of their outbound call center solution. In Progressive Dialers, the system automatically initiates calls to the following numbers on the list, eliminating the pauses between calls and leading to notable productivity enhancements. With Predictive Dialers, a fresh group of customers is dialed based on the agents available in the queue.

Besides these features that add to the voice call services, Knowlarity also provides promotional and transactional SMS services, Whatsapp business API, and video calling services. These features help businesses create an ecosystem where interactions seamlessly merge with customer relationship management. It results in improved customer satisfaction, further aiding the sales team in delivering exceptional outcomes.


The Benefits of Integrating Knowlarity with CRM

Integrating Knowlarity’s advanced communication capabilities with CRM systems yields many benefits that can transform customer interactions. It enhances both operational efficiency and the quality of customer experiences, ultimately driving business growth. Here are some key advantages of Knowlarity integration with CRM:

Comprehensive Offering

Knowlarity is a one-stop solution for business enterprises for everything required to improve their customer or lead communication. It provides cloud telephony services and an array of cloud solutions, such as click-to-call options, virtual numbers, IVR solutions, number masking, and missed call alert services. It also offers toll-free numbers, auto-dialing, and TTS solutions. 

Continuous Assistance

Businesses seeking cloud telephony services for their call centers always require round-the-clock support. Knowlarity provides 24×7 assistance for their call center solutions, which businesses can rely on. The company extends its cloud-based support across various service offerings, ensuring companies can avoid interruptions or downtime.

Advanced Business Communication Tools

Integrating Knowlarity with CRM software becomes the best choice because of its enterprise-grade features. Knowlarity’s top-tier services include outbound and inbound calls, missed call alerts, IVR solutions, virtual numbers, and number masking. Similar services that can be integrated with the CRM software build customer satisfaction and further lead to a steady influx of revenue for the company. It also facilitates agents to provide a personalized connection with customers by using these services.

User-Friendly Setup

Integrating and setting up Knowlarity’s solutions with CRM software is pretty straightforward. Businesses can engage with this cloud telephony service provider by paying the applicable fee, which provides them with a dedicated dashboard for the chosen service. Given the easy plug-and-play integration with existing CRM solutions, brands can swiftly set up the service without dedicating substantial time to the process.

Privacy & Data Protection

Many companies across sectors, such as delivery, banking, and maintenance services, handle customer inquiries through phone calls. It raises a huge concern among customers – data privacy. Maintaining the confidentiality of customer phone numbers and keeping their data safe is crucial in a world concerned about digital privacy. Neglecting customers’ phone number privacy can detrimentally impact a business’s reputation. Knowlarity’s impressive number masking feature is a solution that can effectively address these issues. This service anonymizes the contact numbers of both participants (customers and agents) and displays proxy numbers.

Highly Economical 

Using cloud telephony solutions that leverage cloud technology inherently reduces communication costs. Knowlarity uses cloud computing and VoIP technology to smooth customer-agent communication over the Internet. This approach effectively cuts down costs and bolsters scalability.

Use Cases for Integrating CRM and Knowlarity

Use cases for integrating CRM and Knowlarity | Office24by7

Integrating Knowlarity with CRM systems provides many strategic advantages for effective communication management. Let’s explore some real-world use cases that showcase how this integration translates into benefits across different levels of business operations:

Enhancing the Sales Process

As data flows seamlessly through the sales pipeline, Knowlarity’s robust features facilitate the smooth functioning of the sales process. It makes lead qualification faster and more accurate. Sales teams can easily access the communication history associated with each lead, gaining valuable insights that enhance follow-ups and negotiation strategies. This integration minimizes manual effort and streamlines deal closures, resulting in a more efficient and effective sales cycle.

Elevating Customer Support Efficiency

When addressing customer queries and concerns, the click-to-call facility proves to be a game-changer. Knowlarity’s CRM integration enables customers to contact customer care executives with a single click instantly. Customers who call the company can also connect to the IVR system integrated with the CRM, giving them more accessibility in choosing the right service. This ease of reaching out allows organizations to offer timely solutions and expedite issue resolution. The integration ensures the business earns customers’ loyalty and confidence through proper communication.

Crafting Personalized Marketing Campaigns

One of the standout advantages of integrating Knowlarity with CRM is its wide range of services. When integrated into the CRM, these services profoundly fuel personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences. For example, businesses can segment their audience more precisely by analyzing call interactions and customer preferences. It, in turn, allows marketers to tailor their messaging, offers, and promotions with a higher degree of relevance. Ultimately, this integration transforms marketing efforts into engaging conversations that drive better results.

Top 5 CRM Integration with Knowlarity

Integrating Knowlarity’s advanced communication capabilities with CRM systems has redefined customer engagement and relationship management. Here is a list of the top five CRM integrations with Knowlarity that drive enhanced efficiency, personalized interactions, and exceptional customer experiences, in no particular order:


Office24by7 sales automation tool or CRM leverages Knowlarity’s capabilities to enrich the CRM workflows. The integration enables click-to-call to facilitate inbound and outbound calls and captures call data within the CRM, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions. This integration enhances deal tracking, optimizes sales processes, and contributes to data-driven decision-making. It helps businesses to cultivate strong customer relationships and improve sales outcomes.


Integrating Knowlarity with Zoho CRM helps better customer communication management via calls and SMS. Calls made through Knowlarity can be tracked and recorded within Zoho CRM, ensuring a detailed communication history. This integration streamlines lead management, automates follow-ups, and enhances overall efficiency. Customer interactions can be analyzed within Zoho CRM to tailor marketing and sales strategies, fostering deeper customer connections.


Salesforce integrates with Knowlarity to create a dynamic ecosystem for customer interactions. The integration ensures that every communication – call, email, or chat – is captured within Salesforce, enabling a comprehensive view of customer interactions. It aids sales teams to engage in informed conversations, track leads, and measure campaign effectiveness, all while enhancing customer satisfaction.


Vtiger CRM seamlessly integrates with Knowlarity to generate leads quickly from inquiry calls without leaving your dashboard. It also facilitates converting calls into an opportunity or a case while interacting with the customer. Agents will also be able to capture information from the call and save time by eliminating manual data entry. This integration ensures timely follow-ups, accurate lead scoring, and a more proactive approach to customer engagement. With enhanced visibility, agents can focus on building meaningful relationships.


Salesmate provides easy integration with Knowlarity to leverage its click-to-call functionality. It provides future enhancements like call logging and call recording. Salesmate users can elevate their CRM experience by integrating with Knowlarity’s communication features. Incoming and outgoing calls are seamlessly linked to contacts, enabling sales teams to view interaction histories and gain insights into customer preferences. 


As businesses strive to provide exceptional experiences, Knowlarity integration ensures that every customer touchpoint enhances personalization to the customers. The advanced communication features and solutions offered by Knowlarity stimulate businesses’ collaboration, communications, and improvement efforts to improve ROI. CRM functions like click-to-call facility and IVR system can be boosted to transform customer interactions into personalized journeys by integrating with Knowlarity’s innovative communication solutions. By achieving this, businesses can maximize their CRM efficiency, delivering seamless and personalized experiences that increase customer confidence and foster brand goodwill.

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