Virtual Number for Business: Five Reasons to Have One

by Jun 22, 2018Toll Free

5 Reasons to Have a Virtual Number for Business | Office24by7

Making a business successful is a result of combined efforts from multiple departments. Customer communication is one of the most important areas every company focuses on. From powerful automation tools to artificial intelligence, firms use all kinds of tools to enhance business communication and build the pillars of success. But every tool comes with a cost. In such a scenario, how do small and medium businesses achieve such success without investing huge amounts? Office24by7 has the solution. We provide a Virtual Number for business and enable your business team to work in a more coordinated way. 

Operating a start-up/SMB successfully in the interconnected age of the internet is no easy task. It is a known fact that many entrepreneurs fail in their initial stages. Lack of communication technology, intelligent automation systems, improper monitoring tools, and inefficient analytical extractions are among the common causes of the failure of small businesses. Our revolutionary communication automation platform comes with modern features, bringing in efficient communication practices for all types of businesses. With a Virtual Number, you can keep a tab on the flow of business calls and extract actionable insights for future assessments.

The reasons to install Virtual Number business are many. But here’s a list of the most loved ones by our customers.


24by7 Customer Accessibility

Virtual Number is configurable to communication automation solutions that help customers stay in constant touch with your business. It facilitates mapping any number of numbers of multiple formats at the backend easily. This helps handle a flood of incoming calls via a single number at the front end for a conversation.


Easy Integrations

Office24by7 is a trusted and reliable Cloud Telephony service provider. We offer powerful API suites to enable integrations of all third-party tools, CRM, and applications.  Instant activation of Virtual Numbers of any format is possible by configuring advanced communication management services like dialers, click-to-call, conference, SMS, and missed call services. This streamlines effective communication across multiple platforms.


Smart IVRS

Cloud-based solutions offer the best communication options. Your business does not require a front-end receptionist to transfer calls to the right departments. The Smart IVRS, with automated voice technology and an intelligent routing system, can route callers to their desired points based on skill, language, and time as determined and required by your business, rendering a superior call experience.


Work Remotely

Analyzing remotely working employee’s performance and the credibility of the product or service is never easy.  The Virtual Number for business allows your team to work on fields remotely connected in real-time. It is programmed to forward calls to any predetermined number, letting employees maintain a business phone line and local presence irrespective of location. Nurturing leads to become customers is easy now as it is facilitated with multiple features like call conference, transferring, recording, voice mail integrations, etc. The virtual phone system for small business makes sure that your sales do not get hampered in any way.


Customizable, Redundant, and Scalable

Office24by7 is an efficient provider of personalized communication automation platforms. The interface is well equipped to map more numbers, users, and varied services when your business expands, proving a perfect scalable choice. Additionally, Virtual phone number for business allows high configurations to personalize customer communication and increase customer database and brand credibility.

Virtual Number for business by Office24by7 can become the much-needed boost for leveraging customer communication as an asset to generate profit and increase the performance of your business.

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