Office24by7 Launches Unmatched Sales and Marketing Automation tools

by Jan 9, 2019News

Office24by7 extended its automation expertise from communication to sales automation and marketing automation to help businesses revitalize the sales and marketing operations. The new tools are available as a part of Office24by7 CRM. The all-new, unmatched automation tools are the outcome of earnest efforts to address the shortcomings and pain-points in organizing sales and marketing with less human intervention and greater efficiency.

Though, SMS platform is the pioneer product, which alone could not help businesses to build one-on-one relationships. “We understood that the Organizations tie up with us have high expectations which explicitly made us build a silo strategy, communication automation, a single integrated platform to harness conversational aspects of prospects”, said Mr. Naveen, Founder CEO of Office24by7 speaking on the occasion.

The communication automation software created for better connections and improved engagement. But, we found that the organizations are seeking to streamline the sales and marketing tools with automation too. For about a year of intense research and analyzing different prospects, we decided to tap the innovation of automation for the better organizing of sales and marketing too. Small businesses look for economical ways to blend marketing strategies but they often fail to calculate the resourceful time spent on those things that aren’t integrated.

The smart automation tools could give businesses a complete view of their customers interests, judge their buying plans, the source of the lead and the path that led to the conversion of lead into a customer. Additionally, these integrate all the communication channels enabling better interaction and leading to better conversions. “The Sales and Marketing Automation tools that got wired today facilitates businesses to get started right away with easy to use platform for the marketing and sales operations at their own pace and when they want. These automation solutions will grow with them imprinting their success all along”, concluded Naveen.

Marketing Automation includes:

Smart Tracker

Smart Builder

Smart Email

Smart SMS

Smart Announcement

Smart Drip

Sales Automation includes:

Smart Force

Smart APP

As an emerging new business, our biggest challenge is to bring in the best of solutions to cater to the market demands. The unmatched automation tools that we have designed are the best in the class and have many advanced features to customize with the drop and drag, hierarchy monitoring, etc. These are a one-stop solution to end most of the customer’s pain-points. This marks a new beginning to convert the regular offices into a truly 21st century smart offices.

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