Top Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

by Mar 12, 2018Cloud Telephony

how cloud telephony can help your business

In this blog, let us look at the top benefits of cloud computing for business. 

Technological advancements allow businesses to communicate with customers through multiple platforms like email, SMS, video, chat, and WhatsApp.  But nothing matches the effectiveness of a call directly to an interested audience.

Calling is core to multiple businesses across industries as it generates direct revenue. However, many companies underestimate the importance of an optimized automation communication tool. Once popular PBX system has failed to serve the needs of time and now comes with its problems. Calls are missed, it’s not scalable, requires huge initial investment and maintenance costs, occupies office space, and is inflexible. To sum up, old communication tools are slowing down business growth and becoming a cause for the loss of potential businesses in certain situations.

If you are finding a way to grow your business and feel that your communication equipment is one of the fundamental reasons, this blog can work as an eye-opener.

Here’s a Compilation of the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Save Money

PBX systems require a significant initial investment, occupy space, and need a specialist to get started. Small and medium businesses that can’t afford the investment stick to the old machines and continue losing opportunities. Ideally, every business should be able to afford and use the most advanced and useful communication tool without any hassle. This is where Cloud Telephony comes in. With this technology, businesses can avoid the initial investment and maintenance cost. The same amount can be utilized for more productive purposes with a high return on investment.

Never lose a call

One of the major disadvantages of the old telephony systems is portability. Agents had to be near the machines to receive a call; if not, a call goes unanswered and possibly a loss of business opportunity. With Cloud Telephony, agents’ smartphones are integrated with the communication system, and they can receive a call when they are out for a tea break or on the field for office work. This feature adds immense value to companies as every call brings potential business and deserves utmost importance.

Easy to set-up

Cloud Telephony is unbelievably easy to get started. The entire infrastructure is situated in the provider’s location, and the application is made available over the Internet. All you have to do is log in with a good internet connection. The provider is responsible for maintaining multiple servers to avoid downtime, any gradation in technology, and regular maintenance needs. This way, you can avoid additional responsibilities and focus on priority, like conversion of leads.

Streamline Business Operations

With Cloud Telephony, you can automate incoming calls to respective departments without human interaction. You can improve the productivity of various departments and avoid the need for an employee. Also, you can use one number for your customer care center. Multiple numbers usually create a disjointed network and confusion among customers. Streamlining various departments within your organization can help you operate effectively and get more results.

Analyze performance

Measuring the performance of individual employees, departments, and the company is important to reach organizational goals. However, creating charts and reports consumes much time and energy. So, how do you make smart decisions by investing minimum time? Cloud Telephony solves this problem by generating detailed employee performance reports regularly. You can set the parameters of the report and duration to have an overview of the engagement level of employees and then make decisions.

While choosing an automation communication tool for your business, you must decide your needs first and then look for the software that satisfies your requirements. Once you are clear with your needs, call us at +918886638814 or email us at, and we will make sure your business is geared for growth with the right Cloud Telephony solutions in India.

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