Top Click-to-Call Benefits for Enterprises

by Dec 20, 2017Cloud Telephony

Click to Call is a web-based application or digital communication tool that effectively fills the communication gap between organizations and their customers. It serves as an instant and fundamental customer service feature. In this blog, we look at click-to-call benefits for enterprises.

A clickable link enables one to place a call without entering numbers in a Dialer.  Office24by7’s Click to Call Service is called Smart Click. This service integrates with any third-party CRM and ERP through API. Smart Click can be availed in the following:

  • Click to Connect
  • Click to Dialer

Click to Connect

As the name suggests, the raised requisition gets processed by connecting calls, streamlining a communication channel between the organization and the client. This is an innovative feature that is dependent on two numbers: the customer and the business number. It works efficiently, connecting the existing customers.

This feature can be tailored with services like IVR and call Forwarding based on the agent’s availability or to any predetermined Telephone Numbers. An SMS, Voice, Email, and Post Call Survey acknowledgment for in-depth insights probably increases call efficiency.


Click to Dialer

This simplifies dialing, avoiding accessing multiple channels and communication platforms with easy integration. Click to Dial feature is efficient in initiating any call to any number instantly and ensures more prospectus contacts in a day, enhancing the calling activity of an Organization. This feature is feasible upon integration with services like Conference, Call Forwarding to any number, Snooping, Barging, and Whispering probable as per requirements.


How do Click to Call Benefit Companies?

Improves Calling Activity:

Click to Call lets agents reach customers instantly without a Dialer or pressing more buttons. It simplifies the calling process, and agents need a web-based panel to proceed with an interaction.

It increases the calling activity of the company more than normal. This technology efficiently increases the agent’s call time and first-call resolutions, comprehending ROI.

Improves Interaction with Customer Segmentation:

A Click Call permits agents to segment customers based on the requisites to proceed with an interaction. Agents can also gain customer information via CRM Integration regarding previous call history for healthy interaction, preventing lost phone numbers, lost information, and time loss between finding and entering a number in the Dialer. Click to Call decreases calling time, increasing calling activity and ROI. In addition, Office24by7’s UI uniqueness is that it lets agents take admin in a Conference or Transfer Call to another department or Admin during the conversation and send SMS or Email instantly after an interaction, enhancing communication probabilities.

Enhance Agent calling efficiency:

Office24by7 Smart Click Service permits Admin to Snoop, Whisper, and Barge to rule out the communication inefficiencies in the agent’s conversations. These tailored features are extremely helpful in ensuring the quality of calls, training new agents, negotiating a sales deal, or interrupting a call during an emergency.

Enhances Agents Calling and Customer Experience:

Office24by7’s well-framed API suites enable the Integration of third-party tools and applications, facilitating agents to view customer information. The more customer information, the more efficiently agents can resolve issues swiftly. This integration creates a unique, streamlined communication process for an Organization.

The smart Click feature feasibly increases the agent’s quality of communication and calling activities. Office24by7 offers innovative communication solutions for all types of Organizations that integrate CRM, ERP, Web applications, and telephone systems to create efficient customer service, enhance agent’s performance, and comprehend ROI.

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